Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nerf Ball and Pig Headed

     After fourteen hours of fun in the hospital I am finally home.  Today was Mom's surgery.  I knew they were going to take out a nice chunk of her face, but what I wasn't expecting was the ping pong sized yellow Nerf Ball thingie that was sewn onto her face.  The shaved section of hair also added that extra little something to the whole image which of course made me say, "WHOA, I'd better not let on how weird and freaky this looks."

     Boy is she going to be freaked out when she sees this thing sticking out of her face.  What happened to the good old days when they slapped a bandage on top of a wound so you couldn't see it?  Perhaps this is some sort of heart test that her doctors have come up with, give her the mirror and start up that EKG.  If she doesn't have a heart attack when she sees this we'll give her a clean bill of health.

     The other thing is that the doctor did a skin graft.  Where the skin came from I don't know.  We didn't see any spots where they took it off of Mom, so was it donated or was it pig skin, (which was an option).  If it was pig skin that means we can call her pig headed.  She was pig headed today.  She refused to let them move her to the bed in her room, she insisted on getting off the gurney and walking into the room.    She was heaving, gagging, limping, her paper gown torn exposing her backside to the world, and her face was a lovely shade of grey, but of course we did it her way.  Of course I being the kind of person I am, I had to tell her, "I told you so," as she barfed into the little bowl.  I have no problem telling anyone, "I told you so," I eat that stuff up.  It's one of my few real joys in life, well that, cats, oysters, books and cake.

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