Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pie Run: A documentary.

This week the 90 year old institution known as the Hubig's Pie bakery burned down, (moment of silence please).  Now I'm sure to the rest of the world this is not a heart wrenching tragedy, but to locals, well as one of the firemen put it, "Our guys put this out with their tears."  It was a Katrina moment; that same OMG are they going to re-open, what are we going to do if they don't rebuild?  So I got an emotional phone call from J with instructions to head out and buy up the now precious fried pies at any cost.  Mom threw in thirty bucks and off we went...

Just a mere three stops and pay dirt...

A few more bingos and then it dried up...

About four hours later we had hit every convince store, gas station, and pharmacy between Slidell and Mandeville, Louisiana...

Just a few observations:
  • 1.  After listening to me on these videos, I notice I have a horrible yat accent that appears when I'm excited.
  • 2.  I was lucky to be up in Slidell, LA when the call came because the Metro area sold out of pies before the Northshore.
  • 3.  Somewhere out there there is a lady with boxes upon boxes of Hubig's pies and Lee's Hamburgers needs to look her up.

My half of the haul, well that is before J. started handing them out to desperate friends and family members.  We are such softies for those who are down and out on fried pie.  
Some people bought up pies to put them on e-bay.  Not us, we actually eat these things, (11 seconds in the microwave and heaven).  I hope this lasts us until they rebuild!  They may end up being frozen and used as Christmas presents.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Maintaining

I'm a fruit eating turtle.

Well I haven't been losing, but I haven't been gaining either.  It's been six months and I've only lost nine of the twenty pound goal.  I'm not unhappy at all with my progress.  I figure the slow and steady has gotten me into some slightly better habits and because of that I am not yo-yo dieting.  Sis #2 is on this 17 day diet thing and has already lost 10 lbs.  I've taken to some of her recipes, but I'm not getting on that treadmill.  I don't want to spend the rest of my life eating menu plans in 17 day increments.  I've made some changes, seen some results, and when I discipline myself into drinking more water and increasing the veggies I think I will make some more progress.  I remind myself that I'm the turtle, slow and steady.  

Very little.  A few lunges and push ups here and there.
Averaging 3 glasses a day.
Cutting back on the carbs and aiming for more veggies, (yuck).
I caved and ate some grocery store eclairs and man were they bad.
Although I ate the eclairs I ended up finding them too sweet, perhaps my sweet tooth is not so sweet.
Starting Weight
Current Weight
142 lbs
Weight loss
9 lbs
Dream weight

Friday, July 20, 2012

Weight Loss Wed on Friday and Other Stuff

On the way to bringing my friend T. back home after the bull run we found this advertising cow for a local dairy and had to take pics.  Wearing the required red and white and while the flowers running down the side of my pants weren't required, I none the less felt they were necessary.

I've been staying with my mom for the past few days trying to get everything she needs for the bank, the real estate agent, and for the new home.  We've been having some strong storms for the past couple of days and it knocked the Internet out at Mom's place and who wants to head out to a coffee shop for Internet when Thor is angry?  J called and said he'd like a bit of my company so I braved the huge thunderstorm and drove across the lake in the midst of a 4inches per hour storm.

A couple of friends who are new to New Orleans aren't used to this sort of thing, (heavy rains and street flooding), so I checked in and found that she found the thunder "very intimidating" and that they hadn't moved the car to the neutral ground, (the median for the rest of the world).  I told her that if the street is known for flooding she needed to move the car so that the water doesn't ruin the carpets.  I don't know if she thinks I'm joking, we'll see...

I ran with the Bulls last Saturday and it was HOT.  I got smacked on the rear with a plastic bat, (yay), and so I was pleased.  Afterwards one of the bulls asked if I was interested in giving roller derby a try.  Hmmm.  Then again I think about how long it takes me to heal up from a fall and I think not.

We had a few things we could have chosen to do this week; at the top of the list was to pay our respects to Uncle Lionel Batiste.  Yeah Sis #2 and I met him, and he flirted with us a bit and talked about how funny life turned out to be.  He said something to the effect of, "You know you go your whole life never knowing what's around the corner.  Look at me; I never thought I'd be world famous!"  Bless him, such a skinny little old man thrilled to death over his newly found"Treme" fame and flirting with a couple of middle aged fat broads.  I don't know about you, but it just makes me want to get the guy a cup of coffee and listen to him gush for a while.  Rest in peace Mr. Batiste.

Okay a quick weight loss update:

I'm at 141, but was down to 140 and 139.5 at one point this past week.  Because I was staying with Mom, (it's just easier on the car, mileage, and gas if I stay up there rather than all the back and forth), I was stuck with Sis #2's 17 day diet, which wasn't a bad thing because I did drop a tiny bit of weight.  I've gotten home and immediately hit a couple of eclairs which was good but I have to say they were too sweet and left me feeling a little sick from the sugar.  Perhaps that will have me thinking twice before I binge again.  Angel food cake is the way to go imho.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Oh Phoo!

Sis#2 has been fostering these two kittens since they were 2 weeks old.  I haven't got any pics so I figure who could resist kitten cuteness?
Well I haven't been here in a while.  For the past few weeks I've just been so tangled up I just didn't have room in my head to remember to do everything or even want to.  J is having a hard time right now, I'm helping mom to buy a house, I've had a birthday party, got really sick and have been to Houston for five days over the past two weeks.  So basically it's been Waffle House, fast food, birthday cake and then when I got sick, (like high fever, aches and chills sick), I threw it all up.  I said all of this to say, I've been at 141-142lbs for the past couple of weeks.  Ta dah!

Exercise:  We all know I'm aiming to do the Run With the Bulls this weekend, and yet I've done nothing to prepare.  Well that is if you don't count the one day running up steps for water slides at Schlitterbahn, and the day we rented an inflatable water slide for Sis #3 & my forty-something birthday party, (yeah, we realized the day after we may be just a tad bit old for this kind of stuff).

Water: I'm trying to catch up, (I'm still dehydrated from being sick), and am doing about four glasses a day because any more than that and I feel nauseous again.

Food:  Mostly hot & sour soup this week.

Confession:  I had waaayyy too much cake.

Congratulations:  I got sick.  (It's was saved me from a horrible scale reading)

Weight loss: None really. Oh Pooh!

Current Weight: 141.5

Dream Weight: