Friday, January 27, 2012

A Bit o' Fluff

I am so not fashionable, but I love reading those fashion blogs which of course leads me to present to you this bit o' fluff.  As a rule I don't do this in the e-mail world, because I hate getting those, "you'll die a horrible death if you don't send this on," kind of things.  But because there is no threat attached, and I don't feel forced to "tag" people, which I don't do, so I decided to play along:

Here are the rules:
1. Post these rules 
2. Post 11 random things about yourself
3. Answer the questions set for you by the tagger
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you have tagged to answer
5. Tag 11 'peeps'  (I'm not tagging anyone, this is a do it if you wanna kinda thing in my book.)

11 Random Things About Me
  1. I love cats, cake, and oysters.
  2. I made it into NOCCA, (New Orleans Center for Creative Arts), well actually my sister made it into NOCCA using my art, she lasted two weeks, then they realized it wasn't her doing the art and she was booted out.  She was in class with Harry Connick Jr. (Ha that'll teach you not to do your sibling's homework.)
  3. I wanted to be an archaeologist before Indiana Jones made it cool. 
  4. I can talk your ear off, but I'm really a shy/loner sort of person.
  5. The exterior of my house is done in black, white and gold, (well actually tan, couldn't get metallic gold stucco), the colors of the New Orleans Saints, and yes this was on purpose.
  6. My favorite holidays are Mardi Gras and Halloween, (can't pick one over the other).
  7. I love fixing/building things.
  8. I am fearless when it comes to color.  Before Katrina my kitchen was K&B purple, apple green and trimmed out with red chili pepper lights.  The bathroom was painted ceiling to floor as a sunset.  Sadly it's much more sedate thanks to hubby's input, but I did get my red sofa.
  9. Before I go to sleep I imagine all the things I could do if I won the lottery.  
  10. I love foggy days when you can hear the ships on the river sounding their horns; I'll sit outside, drink my tea and wish it could go on all day.  
  11. One day, when I win the lottery I am going to buy a huge piece of property to house homeless cats and have my friend M. run the foundation for me.  My mother says she will rock (as in rocking chair), the cats, my niece says she will be the vet, and I of course will travel far and wide finding cats who need a good home at our, Home for Wayward Cats.  Hubby of course will cringe in horror, roll his eyes, and love me and the cats anyways.
Megan's questions:1. How do you take your tea? (Coffee?)  Two sugars, splash of milk in my Earl Grey, Coffee? Well I never grew up and still take it as I did when I was a kid, cafe' au lait with lots of sugar.  
2. Describe your winter coat or jacket. (Pick your favorite if you have it). Black, wool blend, slightly fitted, and  with a hood.
3. Give me an adjective! Awesome.
4. Favorite guilty pleasure tv show (or movie).  Not feeling guilty about it;  the Walking Dead
5. Favorite blog. Wow, can't say I have a favorite, I like them all.  No, seriously, really.
6. If you found a $100 bill on the ground, what would you do with it? (assuming it belonged to no one, but the finder - you.).   I'd leave it there because I'd feel too guilty about picking it up.  What if the poor sot who lost it came back for it just moments after I picked it up?  What if that was the grocery money for the week?  What if it was going to pay for grandma's operation?  Nah, the invented guilt would make me nuts; I'd do better leaving it for someone else.
7. Would rather receive snail mail or an email? Email, paper kills trees.
8. Do you like patterns or solid colored clothing? Both! 
9. Stripes or Polka Dots?! Both!

10. Have you ever been on a plane? Where were you going? A few times. Last time I was going to Washington, DC.
11. Favorite accessory? Don't have one, but if I had to choose something I wore most often I guess it would be a bracelet, or rather a whole pile of 'em.

4. 11 New Questions From Me: Sheila
1. The Hokey-Pokey or the Chicken Dance?  Hokey-Pokey
2. What colour streak would you put in your hair (assuming you would)? What color wouldn't I do?  I've done a coca-cola red in the past.
3. What movie did you passionately love when you were younger?  Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back
4. Are you allergic to anything? Eggplant, but I eat it anyways.
5. People who stand in the middle of the sidewalk: should they be drawn and quartered or put in pillories and have fruit thrown at them? I like throwing fruit; let's throw fruit.
6. Tell me the last thing you saw that was live at a theatre, on a stage.  "The Somewhat True History of Saint Bernard, Abridged" Funny, but that part with Blackie Campo will make you cry.
7. What's your favourite piece of art?  It changes, but currently, I've got my eye on a skull made from broken Abita beer bottles by Andres Basurto.  Love.
8. Do you eat in front of the TV or at a dining table? Is the TV still on?  In front of the TV, guilty.
9. What item that you own would you take to "Antiques Roadshow" for evaluation? How much do you think it's worth? Lol everything is gone since Katrina, ain't dere no more.
10. What's on your nightstand/bedside table?  My book, a kindle, a cup of old tea, hubby's pic, a treasure chest, and a lamp.
11. You're meeting someone who doesn't know what you look like. Describe yourself in 10 words or less.  I'll be the shortest person in the room.

Jude's Questions:

1.  What's your favorite movie?

2.  Cake or death?  Tell me where I got that one. ; )

3.  One night in a haunted room or one night in a luxury hotel?

4.  What did you eat at your last meal?

5.  Bath or shower?

6.  The worst disaster you've ever experienced?

7.  Have you ever had a ghostly encounter?  Where?

8.  What's the best advice you've ever gotten?

9.  Your favorite toy/game as a kid?

10. A book you've read at least three times?

11. One guilty pleasure? 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Yogurt Blech.

So I didn't force myself to drink water until Saturday.  I live dehydrated; it's something left over from my teaching days.  I also forced myself to do my little ten minute workout.  As for food changes, well they weren't too positive.  I tried yogurt which didn't do too well because it was yucky.  Apparently it was yucky because it was past it's due date.  I'm gonna stick with cereal and oatmeal thank you.

Exercise:     one 10min. aerobic exercise
                    shoveled many loads of dirt
                    unloaded several bags of top soil

Water:  Still not drinking a glass a day.

Food:  J was off for the week so it wasn't that great.  I did divide my Mexican dinner in half, and then  purchased a dozen Gambino's petit fours.  Oh New Orleans bakeries how I love thee.

Weight Loss:  One pound.  (probably from the combo of bad yogurt and stomach flu but I'll take what I
 can get)

Pet of the Week:  Zoey!
Zoey wouldn't keep her eyes open.  She's very timid; we think she was abused pretty badly by her previous owners.  It's been four years since we adopted her, but she still cringes when you get too close.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Raised Garden Box DIY

     Our yearly attempt at an organic veggie garden is usually a flop by early June.  If the raccoons aren't attacking, you can count on the bugs.  This year I came up with the idea to move the garden to the front of our newly purchased lot next door from the "Lot Next Door Program,"and away from the woods, raccoons, and bugs.  I also figured that raccoons aren't that tall and a raised bed with a little fence might help.
I'm looking forward to getting the garden set up.  This week of 70 F weather has us thinking spring thoughts, but as every Southern Louisiana resident knows this is just a ruse on the part of Mother Nature.  
     I know I'm just fooling myself because those little bastards have super powers that are only known to raccoons and God alone.  They will destroy this garden too.  I'm no noob when it comes to the evil ways of our evil nemisis the raccoon.  I got the idea for these boxes from this web site.

Yeah, they're cute, but look at them, they are eating Baxter's food and plotting on how to turn my shed into a condo.    

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Excuses & Kitty Pic

     Well my first documented week has been a dud.  In my defense I've had a couple of bombs dropped, a family friend died, I've gotten the stomach flu and because it was J's birthday this past week, I've had a nice sized Randazzo's King Cake calling my name all week.

   Okay so here's what I've done to help myself along in my goal:

1.  I choose to do a 10 min. workout once this week.
2.  I forced myself to drink a glass of water for four of the past six days.
3.  I divided my steak and baked potato dinner in half instead of scarfing down the whole thing.
4.  I only ate eight raw oysters on .25 cent oyster night instead of the full dozen.  (I'm not sure that raw
     oysters have a whole lot of calories, but in my defense they weren't fried, or charbroiled)

Weight lost:   None, (Okay really?!  I mean I had the stomach flu for pity's sake!  Grrrr.), on the other hand I didn't gain any weight either.

  Sigh.  Baby steps.

Squeaky Mimi- Ain't she one good lookin' girl?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday on Thursday

I know, I know, everyone and his brother have done the New Year's resolution thing, but FYI this is not a New Year's thing.  Actually I started at the beginning of December so HA, end of year resolution!

Anyways I'm just sick and tired of being fat, feeling lazy and slow.  Some people like being large, and I like that; it's really awesome actually.  It's just I don't feel 100% at this weight.  So I decided to do something about it.  In baby steps.

This is my chunka munka self.
I'm still feeling a bit shy about putting my face up, but maybe one day I'll get brave.
So here's the basic plan:

1.  Drink more water.
2.  Exercise.
3.  Change some eating habits.

I've decided to add this to my blog to keep me honest.  I'm going to try and consistently put my epic struggle on here every Wednesday, (oh Gawd that means I have to be responsible and make a commitment).  Yeah it's an epic struggle, me drinking water and forcing myself to exercise are near miracles.  Believe it or not the eating habit thing isn't such an epic struggle.  I hope to have lost twenty pounds by June.  Is that reasonable?  Hope so.

Okay hitting, "publish post" with much trepidation...

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Battles of New Orleans

     Our first battle was actually a reenactment.  January 8th was the anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans, and so I went to see my pirate buddies fire cannons for the kids.  Yes, I have befriended pirates and participated in pirate activities, which if I shared, you would hate me in the morning, so instead of stories of my misdeeds, I'll share pics.
Andrew Jackson reviews his troops.

Native Americans, Freemen of color, Cajuns, Creoles, outlaws, pirates, etc. all banded together to boot the Brits out. 

This is the Malus-Beauregard house, built in 1830.  I just love the old oaks; they bring me back to the days when Dad would sit us on a low limb and bounce us.  Nothing better than having an old oak to play on.

     The second battle, In case you didn't know, was with the Detroit, Lions.  Man, they had us worried at first.  Somehow we went from two people watching the game to six.  I am soooo glad I got extra pizza and a king cake.  We celebrated the win by setting off a sparkly thing left over from New Years and the neighbors came out screaming, "WHO DAT!"  Makes my heart swell for all the black and gold love we have for our boys.

King cakes are a carnival tradition and are usually purple, green and gold,
 but for today, only a Saints themed king cake will do.

The niece and our celebratory rocket sparkly thingie.

My son and the appropriate celebratory rocket lighting device.  No he doesn't smoke, but we always carry a lighter because they do come in handy.
Then there is the LSU battle tonight.  I've got E. P. Mike, the LSU cat prepped and ready to go.

E. P. Mike the LSU cat.  Get it?  She's gold!  We're looking haughty and confident this morning.  
It's so important to have a confidant and haughty feeling good luck cat. 
So far we've won every battle, lets keep our fingers crossed.  I'm looking for a good Mardi Gras costume idea out of all these wins!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hooray Bargins!

     I love, Love, LOVE a bargain.  Mama taught me from early on that when you hit the stores, you head straight back and look for that sale rack.  That practice, along with the one where you have to put your hands behind your back in those, "you break it you buy it" stores, has been so deeply ingrained that it would take years of therapy to break me of the habit.

     Any who, I got a $10 coupon from STAGE for Christmas.  The great thing about STAGE coupons is that you can use them on sale items, and so I went forth and got myself a shirt and two necklaces for a mere $2.59!  How you ask?  Everything was 70% off and then there was an additional 33% off of the marked down price, and then there was the $10 coupon.  That's three items for $2.59 which is $.90 less than what I paid for the orange thrifted skirt pictured below.

Thrifted Goodwill skirt, (100% linen), and a busy kitty.  To be honest I don't know why I made this purchase a couple weeks ago, but I'd like to think it was some internal voice saying, "in three weeks you will buy an orange/red/green/white shirt which will go perfectly well with me."

What was once a $12 necklace ended up costing me $ .46!

From $24 to $ .92!

This was the best bargain in the lot.  Original price: $39.  I paid $1.00. 

The receipt  : )