Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Excuses & Kitty Pic

     Well my first documented week has been a dud.  In my defense I've had a couple of bombs dropped, a family friend died, I've gotten the stomach flu and because it was J's birthday this past week, I've had a nice sized Randazzo's King Cake calling my name all week.

   Okay so here's what I've done to help myself along in my goal:

1.  I choose to do a 10 min. workout once this week.
2.  I forced myself to drink a glass of water for four of the past six days.
3.  I divided my steak and baked potato dinner in half instead of scarfing down the whole thing.
4.  I only ate eight raw oysters on .25 cent oyster night instead of the full dozen.  (I'm not sure that raw
     oysters have a whole lot of calories, but in my defense they weren't fried, or charbroiled)

Weight lost:   None, (Okay really?!  I mean I had the stomach flu for pity's sake!  Grrrr.), on the other hand I didn't gain any weight either.

  Sigh.  Baby steps.

Squeaky Mimi- Ain't she one good lookin' girl?

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