Friday, January 20, 2012

Raised Garden Box DIY

     Our yearly attempt at an organic veggie garden is usually a flop by early June.  If the raccoons aren't attacking, you can count on the bugs.  This year I came up with the idea to move the garden to the front of our newly purchased lot next door from the "Lot Next Door Program,"and away from the woods, raccoons, and bugs.  I also figured that raccoons aren't that tall and a raised bed with a little fence might help.
I'm looking forward to getting the garden set up.  This week of 70 F weather has us thinking spring thoughts, but as every Southern Louisiana resident knows this is just a ruse on the part of Mother Nature.  
     I know I'm just fooling myself because those little bastards have super powers that are only known to raccoons and God alone.  They will destroy this garden too.  I'm no noob when it comes to the evil ways of our evil nemisis the raccoon.  I got the idea for these boxes from this web site.

Yeah, they're cute, but look at them, they are eating Baxter's food and plotting on how to turn my shed into a condo.    

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  1. My coworker has a raised box and said it has significantly helped keep critters out. Good luck!