Monday, January 9, 2012

The Battles of New Orleans

     Our first battle was actually a reenactment.  January 8th was the anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans, and so I went to see my pirate buddies fire cannons for the kids.  Yes, I have befriended pirates and participated in pirate activities, which if I shared, you would hate me in the morning, so instead of stories of my misdeeds, I'll share pics.
Andrew Jackson reviews his troops.

Native Americans, Freemen of color, Cajuns, Creoles, outlaws, pirates, etc. all banded together to boot the Brits out. 

This is the Malus-Beauregard house, built in 1830.  I just love the old oaks; they bring me back to the days when Dad would sit us on a low limb and bounce us.  Nothing better than having an old oak to play on.

     The second battle, In case you didn't know, was with the Detroit, Lions.  Man, they had us worried at first.  Somehow we went from two people watching the game to six.  I am soooo glad I got extra pizza and a king cake.  We celebrated the win by setting off a sparkly thing left over from New Years and the neighbors came out screaming, "WHO DAT!"  Makes my heart swell for all the black and gold love we have for our boys.

King cakes are a carnival tradition and are usually purple, green and gold,
 but for today, only a Saints themed king cake will do.

The niece and our celebratory rocket sparkly thingie.

My son and the appropriate celebratory rocket lighting device.  No he doesn't smoke, but we always carry a lighter because they do come in handy.
Then there is the LSU battle tonight.  I've got E. P. Mike, the LSU cat prepped and ready to go.

E. P. Mike the LSU cat.  Get it?  She's gold!  We're looking haughty and confident this morning.  
It's so important to have a confidant and haughty feeling good luck cat. 
So far we've won every battle, lets keep our fingers crossed.  I'm looking for a good Mardi Gras costume idea out of all these wins!

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