Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: I didn't even want to step on the scale.

I didn't do a thing towards being healthy or fixing my horrible eating habits this past week.  It rained all day for about two and a half days, and then I hit an Easter egg hunt where they had my most favorite of favorite Elmer's Heavenly Hash which is a seasonal thing so I scarfed those chocolate, marshmallow, almond bits of heaven down and then brought some home.  Then there were the fried oysters, fast food, an absinthe, half a beer, (oh alright, three and a half because I also ran into C and we sat in the alley and talked for hours), and a midnight diner run which included homemade onion rings and cheese dip.  I said all this to say that I didn't even want to step on the scale this morning.  So here it is...

Exercise:  none
Water:  I had maybe two days of doing what I was supposed to do.
Food:  Oh I had a lot of food and not one iota of restraint.
Confession:  Well I fessed up already and I'm quite disgusted with myself after this weigh in session so I'm not gonna repeat it if that's okay with y'all.
Congratulations:  Well I did nothing good except have a good time but I don't think it counts in this category.
Weight loss:  none
Total weight loss: None. I gained all three pounds back this week.

Oh fud (I can't curse, but ya know what I mean), I could just sit and eat lemon cake all day I'm so disgusted.  It took months to lose a stupid three pounds and a week to gain it all back.  Yeah I know get back on the horse and all that, but sometimes people just get sick and tired of getting back up on that tired, mangy, old horse.  (Just give me a while to get over my pout and I'll hitch up my belt and get back on the dam [see not cursing] horse).

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Faberge Egg Hunt and Yelling Loudly

Saturday Little Sis took niece #3 and her friends to see The Hunger Games movie while I took niece #4 to do the City Park Sculpture Garden Faberge Easter Egg Hunt, where we met Sis #3 and nieces #2, 4 and 5 and honorary niece #4 and nephew #2 and a bunch of other people.  Yeah, I should probably do a list or something, so anyways, we had a nice time, (hot), and got lots of candy, (sticky).  The sculpture garden is a wonderful contrast of modern art and primal Louisiana landscape.

Elmer's Chocolate Easter Bunny!  Oh how I live for the sight of
heavenly hash in my basket on Easter morning.
Everyone went gaga over Rodrigue's Blue Dog, but this was my favorite.
It was solid and liquid and beautiful.
All that rain had a lot of attendees wearing
those practical and yet stylish rain boots.   

Niece #4 and her haul.  

On Sunday Sister #2 and I decided to head to the Quarter and watch the Tennessee Williams Festival's Stanley and Stella Yelling Contest.  On our way there...  Long story made short: We decided that we should enter.  The line was taking a while so I volunteered to run to the bar so that we could split a beer for courage.  On my way there I ran into J & T and then S; then M was bartending.  All this chatting took time so anyways by the time I got back I missed registration.  I did get onstage and got to "freestyle" while the judges judged and now have little to no voice left.  (Lol I called to make a Dr. appointment for J and the receptionist thought the appointment was for me.  I explained about the yelling contest.)  Here for your viewing pleasure is my little (who is taller than me) sister yelling her head off...
(yeah, that horribly loud whooing is me)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yesterday's Storm

I'm not talking about the six inches of rain that ended up being just two inches of rain and an entire day of various warnings for nothing.  I'm talking about what Roger Goodell did to Sean Payton, our beloved Saints coach.  I saw this on Thanks, Katrina and thought this guy summed it up best...

Taken from the  New Orleans Rising blog:

Think I’m full of it? That I’m just a good ole’ homer for my boys in Black and Gold? Think again, the proof is in the pudding   Sean Payton has been handed a suspension that dwarfs Ben Roethlisberger’s for multiple rape accusations. Payton’s suspension is also longer than Micheal Vick’s suspension for  dog-fighting, murdering dogs, and gambling. Payton’s suspension outpaces  Ray Lewis’s  for being part of a murder committed by his posse… longer than Michael Irvin’s for cocaine possession….. longer than Chris Henry’s for assaulting a teenager…… longer than Tank Johnson’s  for his arsenal of guns and assaults… and  longer than Plaxico Burress’s  for illegally discharging a gun in a New York nightclub. If Goodell says he’s here to protect the integrity of the game I’m gonna throw up.  If you play in the NFL it’s Apparently  ok to rape women, do drugs, kill people or at least hold them while my buddies stab them, run over people crossing the street while drinking and driving, assault teenagers, own more guns than Ted Nugent  and  discharge weapons in night clubs. But, the moment you get caught  continuing  an unspoken  tradition that is well-known in the NFL by its participants your hammered to the wall?

Roger Goodell has done it now, his demands that we hand over our Who Dat chant to the NFL for their profit, were outrageous.  Now he has taken not only our coach, but any chance we have to play the Super Bowl in the Super Dome, (every Saints fan's dream).  I've got news Goodell, this means war.  You have managed to anger one of the most die hard fan bases, who rank number three in NFL merchandise purchases.  The "Free Sean" shirts are already in the stores and ain't one of those shirts going to put a dime in the NFL fat cat pockets.  I can't speak for anyone else, but I for one won't make any NFL purchases as long as my coach is suspended.  I think I'll get my Saints gear from the NFL's mortal enemy, Fleurty Girl the woman who took on the NFL and won.

A day later:  See, I told you we were at war:  The Who Dat Army.  You've gotta love this town.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: I need to quit making excuses.

This week I was involved in many projects and so when it was time to pull out my stuff for the garage sale, I said to myself, "I'll do my fifteen minutes this evening."  That evening I was too tired.  When it came to the day of the garage sale I said to myself, "I'm not going to have time to do that this morning."  That evening I was wiped out from the sale and the festival.  The day after I told myself I was giving myself a day off.  I'm sure you see the trend.  I've gotta stop this trend.  So how did I do this week?  Not good.

Exercise:  twice
Water:  Stuck with once a day, but didn't do it twice.  I notice the difference when I don't have that second water.
Food:   Didn't do the fish this week, but we had low fat no meat nachos a couple of nights in a row.  I divided my restaurant meals in half.  Didn't divide the festival food in half though.
Confession:  I had fried oysters and ice cream yesterday.
Congratulations:  I thought I was pretty clever with my nachos.
Weight loss:  More like a weight gain of a pound.
Total weight loss:  -2  : (

We're supposed to get a soaking today, six inches of rain or more, cross your fingers that I don't get stuck in street flooding today.  That is such a pain in the rear, or let's hope that if I get stuck that it's near a bar or restaurant.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Islenos Festival

Everyone has heard of Cajuns, but very few people have heard of the Islenos.  Basically the Islenos are Spanish settlers, who remained isolated and maintained their culture, (much like the Cajuns).  They speak an old dialect of Spanish, have delicious food, and when they speak English, I'll be darned but they sound like they have a Cajun accent.  The Islenos came from the Canary Islands and settled around New Orleans about twenty-five years after the Cajuns arrived.  There is a festival held every year in St. Bernard Parish in order to celebrate the culture.  After we held our garage sale, we headed out to the festival.

Tapis bar.  They had this honey rum that was yummy.
Leave it to BP to "add" to the historic atmosphere.

Inside one of the Islenos' cottages.

Traditional Houma dwelling.

I loved the look of the palmetto leaves inside.

As you can see the woods in lower St. Bernard are full of palmettos.

We did some goofy stuff.  I'm in the hamster ball to the right and Niece #3 is in the one to the right.  

Old pirogues.  See the one with the tiny propeller?  Hubby swore that was his back when he was a kid, but on closer inspection he realized that there wasn't enough bondo for the thing to be his.  Lol, man he lit up when he saw that thing.

It sure is pretty in lower St. Bernard.
This is the Islenos Museum Complex, it has a main museum and several old Islenos houses to tour.
Oh my the food!  Goodbye weight loss Wednesday.
The Sample Platter.  Bacon wrapped plantains, yum.
Nothing says St. Bernard like shrimp boots.

This gentleman was with the Houma Indians.  He said the ribbons were in honor of the Houma people.   One of the women a master basket weaver taught my niece a basic basket weaving technique.
Islenos in traditional costume.  Well almost, she doesn't have her scarf and hat.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Naughty and nice.

I saw this on pinterest and wow, so true!
This week has been one of those on the go kinda weeks.  So much running about, so little time.  For some insane reason I decided that cleaning out the shed was the thing to do this week.  It was bad y'all; you couldn't walk in it at all.  So I worked like a man sorting things, moving things, and cleaning things.  Bless Sis#3's heart, she called and said she was having a garage sale this weekend and did I want in.  Wow talk about timing!  So between the shed and a couple of orbital workouts, I feel like I got some pretty good exercise in this week.  It was the eating that got me.  Here's the run down:

Exercise:  Orbital machine @ 15 min. two days.  Worked like a man three days.
Water:  Doing good with my two glasses a day.
Food:  Not so good this week.  Didn't eat my grilled fish.
Confession:  I purchased an angel food cake and ate the whole thing sans two pieces.
Congratulations:  I didn't buy the carrot cake with cream cheese icing and opted for strawberries and angel food cake instead.
Weight loss:  0
Total weight loss: -3

PS:  The little niece is out of the hospital.  All I can say it that we were beginning to worry for a couple of days there.  The kid was on oxygen and yet her pulse oxygen was 88; It took them a week to get her pulse oxygen up to 94.  Seven days in the hospital with an eighteen month old kid will wear you out.  Sis #3 lost sleep and weight, perhaps she ought to be doing a Weight Loss Wednesday post for this last week. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday on Thursday and I've gotta good excuse...

Okay sorry I missed yesterday, but I had to get up at o'dark-thirty to get my mom to her PET scan appt. and our littlest niece (age 1.5) is in the hospital with some sort of bug that has her breathing gone horribly wrong, (breathing treatments every 2 hours and on oxygen to boot).  Anywho, I've been running about doing sis-in-law, (really, hate that term because we grew up together and she's really more like sis, hey, I'll call her sis #3 from here on out,) chores and because Granny, (sis#3's mother-in-law, yeah we grew up with her too so it's just Granny) could use a break with second youngest niece, I'm gonna be doing that tomorrow.   So anyways things are a bit busy.  A quick run down:

Exercise:   Yup!  Three fifteen min. sessions on the orbital, hauling dirt, and assisted in the building of a patio cover.
Water:  Yup!  It has gotten to the point where I actually want that glass of water in the morning or I feel dehydrated.
Food:  Had my grilled fish on Friday, (easy 'cause it's lent and all).
Confession:  I've been scarfing down chocolate kisses left over from Valentine's day.
Congratulations:  I think overall I did well this week.
Weight loss:  Lost 1 pound!
Total weight loss:  3 pounds!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


This week Rush Limbaugh called a woman a slut and demanded that she produce videos of her performing sexual acts, all because she went to Congress and supported the mandate that insurance providers cover birth control.  She's a slut because her politics don't jibe with those of Rush Limbaugh?  She's a slut because she supports the use of birth control?  No, she's been called a slut for no other reason than because she's a woman.

Limbaugh has yet to call one man who supports this mandate a slut.  He has not called the President a slut.  He waited for a woman, a woman with no political or financial power, to come forward and speak her mind and then attacked.  Please notice he would never have hit Hillary Clinton or Ann Coulter (ick), with this derogatory term, they have money and power.  He choose someone young and unknown to abuse.  He raped her verbally, demanding that she produce porn for him.  He did his best to demean her by implying she had multiple bed partners lined up around the block as if she lived to service men.  Limbaugh could not effectively use this attack on a man.  Men traditionally high five one another for promiscuous behavior.

The word slut is used exclusively for women just as,  the n-word, has been used to demean blacks and yet there has been no out cry to eliminate the word or to make it politically incorrect.  So today I sat down with DH and tried to think of some derogatory terms that have been exclusively used for men.  Geezer, dick and faggot (not a nice word, sorry, but it's to make a point not an attack), were all we could come up with this morning.  Maybe there are others, but let's face it I'm not going to work that hard.  We next came up with a list of exclusively female derogatory terms and frankly they just tumbled out: bitch, cunt, whore, hoe, slut.  Then there are the always popular PMS/on your period insults.  I find it interesting that society has so many derogatory words for women and yet the worst we could come up with for men is calling them gay.  Let's face it calling a guy a geezer or a dick isn't going to overly upset them or make them feel less than a man.

So Limbaugh has found it appropriate to attack a woman for expressing her political views.  This is nothing new on his part or for that matter the parts of many, many men.  Women were attacked for wanting the right to vote, for asking that the pill be made legal, for asking for the right to own property, for asking for the right to keep her wages, for asking for equal pay for equal work, for asking for the right to keep her children in a divorce, and today, for asking to have insurance companies to cover the cost of a prescription contraceptive.  It's amazing to me, men have not had to go and testify in front of congress in order to get their insurance companies to cover Viagra, and yet according to Limbaugh we are the sluts for daring to want coverage on a pill that is actually medically necessary for many women.  Go figure.

If you are a woman, no matter what side you are in this mandate thing, you should be outraged.  It should not be acceptable for a man to attack a woman in this manner for expressing an opinion.  I hope you join me in boycotting any company who sponsors this abusive, misogynist man and allows him to continue to speak to the public.