Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: I didn't even want to step on the scale.

I didn't do a thing towards being healthy or fixing my horrible eating habits this past week.  It rained all day for about two and a half days, and then I hit an Easter egg hunt where they had my most favorite of favorite Elmer's Heavenly Hash which is a seasonal thing so I scarfed those chocolate, marshmallow, almond bits of heaven down and then brought some home.  Then there were the fried oysters, fast food, an absinthe, half a beer, (oh alright, three and a half because I also ran into C and we sat in the alley and talked for hours), and a midnight diner run which included homemade onion rings and cheese dip.  I said all this to say that I didn't even want to step on the scale this morning.  So here it is...

Exercise:  none
Water:  I had maybe two days of doing what I was supposed to do.
Food:  Oh I had a lot of food and not one iota of restraint.
Confession:  Well I fessed up already and I'm quite disgusted with myself after this weigh in session so I'm not gonna repeat it if that's okay with y'all.
Congratulations:  Well I did nothing good except have a good time but I don't think it counts in this category.
Weight loss:  none
Total weight loss: None. I gained all three pounds back this week.

Oh fud (I can't curse, but ya know what I mean), I could just sit and eat lemon cake all day I'm so disgusted.  It took months to lose a stupid three pounds and a week to gain it all back.  Yeah I know get back on the horse and all that, but sometimes people just get sick and tired of getting back up on that tired, mangy, old horse.  (Just give me a while to get over my pout and I'll hitch up my belt and get back on the dam [see not cursing] horse).


  1. Oh I could just eat all that stuff together with you and then some. And I love lemon cake! Sometimes the horse has to rest, like over the holidays...

  2. Lol thanks Tanya! I'm afraid this horse has too many holidays. : )