Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday on Thursday: Sorry 'bout that.

Well I've been up at Mom's place helping her clean up a storm for a visit from niece #1.  I had no internet while I was up there and was too busy and tired to hit a coffee shop to get the net so here I am a day late.  I did better this week, but not stellar by any means of imagination.  I purchased a top and immediately noticed the difference that a lousy three pounds made, (when you are 4' 9" tall even a couple of pounds make a difference).  I'm getting back on the wagon but I'm going to try a suggestion made by Sis #3's sister-in-law and purchase some of those "lean" frozen dinners.  I am convinced that once I shed five or ten pounds I'll be totally motivated.  My goal was twenty by June and darn it I'm gonna do it if it kills me, (Yeah that's me, the drama queen; it's sort of like a cake or death thing.).  So here's the break down:

Exercise:  Still hauling eight loads of dirt a day.  (Jeez it seems like one dump truck load would be gone by now doesn't it?)
Water:  Did a min. of one glass a day and a few days of two glasses a day.  Not ready to go up to three, but I'm thinking if I can make two glasses a day my new religion for a couple of weeks I'll step it up.
Food:  Doing a lot of late night eating and have decided to do a food diary so that I can see exactly what I'm shoveling in my face.
Confession:  Ate a piece of homemade cheese cake with a wonderful Grand Marnier sauce with satsuma slices, and then ate the other half of niece #1's as well.  But the true confession is that despite knowing it was wrong, I'd do it again.
Congratulations: I stopped myself from having a third snack Tuesday evening.
Weight loss: None, but there was no more weight gain.
Total weight loss: 0


  1. Have you tried Spark People?

    It really is free and is paid by sponsors. It will help you track your food as well as calories burned. It also has a billion different support groups. I had great success with SP. It takes a while to get used to the site but it is awesome when you figure it out.

  2. Good news: Signed up for Spark People and if I stop eating now, I'll have met my goal for the day. I find the exercise tracker difficult but like you said it takes a while to get used to the site. Thanks for the help.

    Bad news: I'm obese and apparently while I'm fine with making my weight goal 120, apparently these people think my goal should be 106. Are they kidding me!!??