Thursday, April 26, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Horrible Week

 Want to crawl under a blankie and forget this week.

This has been a horrible week.  HORRIBLE!  One cat recovering from major butt issues, (yeah I've been nursing a cat's butt), one cat with a huge abscess that burst all over the sofa, spare bed and wherever he wandered, Maw Maw is in the ICU, my mother is having huge issues with her bank, (which means I'm having huge issues with my mother's bank), my bank canceled my ATM card because the number was compromised, (the kicker is that they didn't notify me), and I've still got some rock star jacket thingie to make for niece #5 so she can attend her Fresh Beat Band concert properly attired.  You'd think I'd be scarfing down the food, but actually there was one day where I didn't eat enough.

That food tracker has really helped me, (I'm sure if you surf a bit there are other food tracker sites out there, but I'm feeling less than sparky and too lazy to look that stuff up.)  I was in denial over my calorie intake.  The site set up my calorie goal between approx. 1300-1500 a day and I've really been trying to keep myself in that range and so here are the results:

Exercise:  Not so good.  Been moving that darn dirt, but so busy I've put it off a few times.
Water:  Not doing 8 glasses a day, but getting darn close.  J says the redness in my face has faded and that my skin looks "nice."  A most impressive compliment coming from a guy who didn't notice the coca-cola red streaks in my hair a few years ago.
Food:  For the most part I've been a good girl; most of the week I met my target caloric intake.
Confession:  I'm eating heavenly hash chocolates almost nightly.
Congratulations:  I actually hit 8 glasses of water once this week.
Weight loss:  5 lbs!!  Yay!!  (J says he can see I lost weight and some of my pants are loose!)
Current weight:  144  (I changed this up a bit because it's easier to keep track.)

Dream weight: 115

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  1. That's good to know that you are losing weight. At least you can see progress. You have to monitor your progress everyday.

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