Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yesterday's Storm

I'm not talking about the six inches of rain that ended up being just two inches of rain and an entire day of various warnings for nothing.  I'm talking about what Roger Goodell did to Sean Payton, our beloved Saints coach.  I saw this on Thanks, Katrina and thought this guy summed it up best...

Taken from the  New Orleans Rising blog:

Think I’m full of it? That I’m just a good ole’ homer for my boys in Black and Gold? Think again, the proof is in the pudding   Sean Payton has been handed a suspension that dwarfs Ben Roethlisberger’s for multiple rape accusations. Payton’s suspension is also longer than Micheal Vick’s suspension for  dog-fighting, murdering dogs, and gambling. Payton’s suspension outpaces  Ray Lewis’s  for being part of a murder committed by his posse… longer than Michael Irvin’s for cocaine possession….. longer than Chris Henry’s for assaulting a teenager…… longer than Tank Johnson’s  for his arsenal of guns and assaults… and  longer than Plaxico Burress’s  for illegally discharging a gun in a New York nightclub. If Goodell says he’s here to protect the integrity of the game I’m gonna throw up.  If you play in the NFL it’s Apparently  ok to rape women, do drugs, kill people or at least hold them while my buddies stab them, run over people crossing the street while drinking and driving, assault teenagers, own more guns than Ted Nugent  and  discharge weapons in night clubs. But, the moment you get caught  continuing  an unspoken  tradition that is well-known in the NFL by its participants your hammered to the wall?

Roger Goodell has done it now, his demands that we hand over our Who Dat chant to the NFL for their profit, were outrageous.  Now he has taken not only our coach, but any chance we have to play the Super Bowl in the Super Dome, (every Saints fan's dream).  I've got news Goodell, this means war.  You have managed to anger one of the most die hard fan bases, who rank number three in NFL merchandise purchases.  The "Free Sean" shirts are already in the stores and ain't one of those shirts going to put a dime in the NFL fat cat pockets.  I can't speak for anyone else, but I for one won't make any NFL purchases as long as my coach is suspended.  I think I'll get my Saints gear from the NFL's mortal enemy, Fleurty Girl the woman who took on the NFL and won.

A day later:  See, I told you we were at war:  The Who Dat Army.  You've gotta love this town.

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