Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Faberge Egg Hunt and Yelling Loudly

Saturday Little Sis took niece #3 and her friends to see The Hunger Games movie while I took niece #4 to do the City Park Sculpture Garden Faberge Easter Egg Hunt, where we met Sis #3 and nieces #2, 4 and 5 and honorary niece #4 and nephew #2 and a bunch of other people.  Yeah, I should probably do a list or something, so anyways, we had a nice time, (hot), and got lots of candy, (sticky).  The sculpture garden is a wonderful contrast of modern art and primal Louisiana landscape.

Elmer's Chocolate Easter Bunny!  Oh how I live for the sight of
heavenly hash in my basket on Easter morning.
Everyone went gaga over Rodrigue's Blue Dog, but this was my favorite.
It was solid and liquid and beautiful.
All that rain had a lot of attendees wearing
those practical and yet stylish rain boots.   

Niece #4 and her haul.  

On Sunday Sister #2 and I decided to head to the Quarter and watch the Tennessee Williams Festival's Stanley and Stella Yelling Contest.  On our way there...  Long story made short: We decided that we should enter.  The line was taking a while so I volunteered to run to the bar so that we could split a beer for courage.  On my way there I ran into J & T and then S; then M was bartending.  All this chatting took time so anyways by the time I got back I missed registration.  I did get onstage and got to "freestyle" while the judges judged and now have little to no voice left.  (Lol I called to make a Dr. appointment for J and the receptionist thought the appointment was for me.  I explained about the yelling contest.)  Here for your viewing pleasure is my little (who is taller than me) sister yelling her head off...
(yeah, that horribly loud whooing is me)

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