Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Naughty and nice.

I saw this on pinterest and wow, so true!
This week has been one of those on the go kinda weeks.  So much running about, so little time.  For some insane reason I decided that cleaning out the shed was the thing to do this week.  It was bad y'all; you couldn't walk in it at all.  So I worked like a man sorting things, moving things, and cleaning things.  Bless Sis#3's heart, she called and said she was having a garage sale this weekend and did I want in.  Wow talk about timing!  So between the shed and a couple of orbital workouts, I feel like I got some pretty good exercise in this week.  It was the eating that got me.  Here's the run down:

Exercise:  Orbital machine @ 15 min. two days.  Worked like a man three days.
Water:  Doing good with my two glasses a day.
Food:  Not so good this week.  Didn't eat my grilled fish.
Confession:  I purchased an angel food cake and ate the whole thing sans two pieces.
Congratulations:  I didn't buy the carrot cake with cream cheese icing and opted for strawberries and angel food cake instead.
Weight loss:  0
Total weight loss: -3

PS:  The little niece is out of the hospital.  All I can say it that we were beginning to worry for a couple of days there.  The kid was on oxygen and yet her pulse oxygen was 88; It took them a week to get her pulse oxygen up to 94.  Seven days in the hospital with an eighteen month old kid will wear you out.  Sis #3 lost sleep and weight, perhaps she ought to be doing a Weight Loss Wednesday post for this last week. 


  1. Did you niece ever get a diagnosis? My daughter had RSV when she was 8 weeks old.

    She was so sick. After she got out of the hospital she was on the nubulizers and inhalers for years. Tell your sister to watch her when she gets a cold. She may need to go back on the nebulizer. ;-)

  2. Not really. I asked Sis #3 and she said the paperwork basically said she had a virus. That would have made me nuts, not getting a concrete diagnosis, but Sis#3 says she has moved on. I'll let her know about the RSV thing because it sounds like it could be that because Little K has been on the nubulizer since she's gotten home and is slowly being weened off. She seemed fine at the garage sale this weekend and "helped" the older nieces sell Lemonade.

  3. Hah, that's why it's really hard to lose weight, because if you don't have the super power to stop yourself from craving those fatty foods the effort of losing weight is useless.

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