Thursday, March 8, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday on Thursday and I've gotta good excuse...

Okay sorry I missed yesterday, but I had to get up at o'dark-thirty to get my mom to her PET scan appt. and our littlest niece (age 1.5) is in the hospital with some sort of bug that has her breathing gone horribly wrong, (breathing treatments every 2 hours and on oxygen to boot).  Anywho, I've been running about doing sis-in-law, (really, hate that term because we grew up together and she's really more like sis, hey, I'll call her sis #3 from here on out,) chores and because Granny, (sis#3's mother-in-law, yeah we grew up with her too so it's just Granny) could use a break with second youngest niece, I'm gonna be doing that tomorrow.   So anyways things are a bit busy.  A quick run down:

Exercise:   Yup!  Three fifteen min. sessions on the orbital, hauling dirt, and assisted in the building of a patio cover.
Water:  Yup!  It has gotten to the point where I actually want that glass of water in the morning or I feel dehydrated.
Food:  Had my grilled fish on Friday, (easy 'cause it's lent and all).
Confession:  I've been scarfing down chocolate kisses left over from Valentine's day.
Congratulations:  I think overall I did well this week.
Weight loss:  Lost 1 pound!
Total weight loss:  3 pounds!

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