Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pie Run: A documentary.

This week the 90 year old institution known as the Hubig's Pie bakery burned down, (moment of silence please).  Now I'm sure to the rest of the world this is not a heart wrenching tragedy, but to locals, well as one of the firemen put it, "Our guys put this out with their tears."  It was a Katrina moment; that same OMG are they going to re-open, what are we going to do if they don't rebuild?  So I got an emotional phone call from J with instructions to head out and buy up the now precious fried pies at any cost.  Mom threw in thirty bucks and off we went...

Just a mere three stops and pay dirt...

A few more bingos and then it dried up...

About four hours later we had hit every convince store, gas station, and pharmacy between Slidell and Mandeville, Louisiana...

Just a few observations:
  • 1.  After listening to me on these videos, I notice I have a horrible yat accent that appears when I'm excited.
  • 2.  I was lucky to be up in Slidell, LA when the call came because the Metro area sold out of pies before the Northshore.
  • 3.  Somewhere out there there is a lady with boxes upon boxes of Hubig's pies and Lee's Hamburgers needs to look her up.

My half of the haul, well that is before J. started handing them out to desperate friends and family members.  We are such softies for those who are down and out on fried pie.  
Some people bought up pies to put them on e-bay.  Not us, we actually eat these things, (11 seconds in the microwave and heaven).  I hope this lasts us until they rebuild!  They may end up being frozen and used as Christmas presents.

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