Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Oh Phoo!

Sis#2 has been fostering these two kittens since they were 2 weeks old.  I haven't got any pics so I figure who could resist kitten cuteness?
Well I haven't been here in a while.  For the past few weeks I've just been so tangled up I just didn't have room in my head to remember to do everything or even want to.  J is having a hard time right now, I'm helping mom to buy a house, I've had a birthday party, got really sick and have been to Houston for five days over the past two weeks.  So basically it's been Waffle House, fast food, birthday cake and then when I got sick, (like high fever, aches and chills sick), I threw it all up.  I said all of this to say, I've been at 141-142lbs for the past couple of weeks.  Ta dah!

Exercise:  We all know I'm aiming to do the Run With the Bulls this weekend, and yet I've done nothing to prepare.  Well that is if you don't count the one day running up steps for water slides at Schlitterbahn, and the day we rented an inflatable water slide for Sis #3 & my forty-something birthday party, (yeah, we realized the day after we may be just a tad bit old for this kind of stuff).

Water: I'm trying to catch up, (I'm still dehydrated from being sick), and am doing about four glasses a day because any more than that and I feel nauseous again.

Food:  Mostly hot & sour soup this week.

Confession:  I had waaayyy too much cake.

Congratulations:  I got sick.  (It's was saved me from a horrible scale reading)

Weight loss: None really. Oh Pooh!

Current Weight: 141.5

Dream Weight:

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