Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Maintaining

I'm a fruit eating turtle.

Well I haven't been losing, but I haven't been gaining either.  It's been six months and I've only lost nine of the twenty pound goal.  I'm not unhappy at all with my progress.  I figure the slow and steady has gotten me into some slightly better habits and because of that I am not yo-yo dieting.  Sis #2 is on this 17 day diet thing and has already lost 10 lbs.  I've taken to some of her recipes, but I'm not getting on that treadmill.  I don't want to spend the rest of my life eating menu plans in 17 day increments.  I've made some changes, seen some results, and when I discipline myself into drinking more water and increasing the veggies I think I will make some more progress.  I remind myself that I'm the turtle, slow and steady.  

Very little.  A few lunges and push ups here and there.
Averaging 3 glasses a day.
Cutting back on the carbs and aiming for more veggies, (yuck).
I caved and ate some grocery store eclairs and man were they bad.
Although I ate the eclairs I ended up finding them too sweet, perhaps my sweet tooth is not so sweet.
Starting Weight
Current Weight
142 lbs
Weight loss
9 lbs
Dream weight

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  1. You are drinking more water than before. Good for you! And yes, it should come off slow but I understand you frustration.