Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oyster Festival

     I know alcohol and posting are not supposed to mix, but tonight I am flaunting the rules.  So I sit here full of Grey Goose oyster shooters, a couple of daiquiris, and some fruit punch goofy alcohol thingie and posting about my Oyster Festival experience while watching Rocky Horror Picture Show, (love that soundtrack).

Oyster shooters.

     As per Judy from, I avoided Hard Rock Cafe, and headed over to the old and reliable places like Galatoires etc.  You can't go wrong with classic New Orleans restaurants.  I figure if you are hitting the chain restaurants in this town, you are doing it wrong.
Oyster Rockefeller something and Royal Oyster Poor Boy

Oyster Brouchette from Galatoires
     The food was only part of our enjoyment.  Sunday was Rockin' Dupsie Jr., who is my fun guy and Ms. Irma Thomas.   Dupsie was a bit sedate, lol.  He's usually all over the stage getting fancy with that washboard, but it was so hot, I don't blame him.  Then came Ms. Irma Thomas; the Soul Queen of New Orleans.  In contrast to Dupsie, Ms. Irma is humble in style.  Ms. Irma doesn't need flash, she's got it all invested in talent and and experience.  When Ms. Irma sings, "Love Doesn't Change, People Do," you get to thinking that she is talking to you.  There is something about Ms. Thomas that leaves you feeling like you are hanging out with her at the kitchen table.
Rockin' Dupsie Jr

Irma Thomas

     Then of course there was the people watching...
Don't you just love it when two people are in love?

She was the most entertaining little person, although mom thought she was
just plain exhausting.  Dad was teaching her how to drum.

Note: I wrote this last Sunday; no longer feelin' fuzzy, but this weekend, Zydeco Festival. ; )


  1. Wow, that looks so fun! Sounds like you had a blast! :)

  2. Thanks Shelia; we had a good time.