Monday, October 24, 2011

How to Break up a Cat Fight

Mom's hand.
Actually this post is more or less how not to break up a cat fight so that in the future you know how to break one up.  See that hand?  That is an example of what happens when you incorrectly break up a cat fight.  Okay, I have to admit that the hand is that of my mother and she got that petting her darling Abby, Evil Queen of the Underworld, but my hand looks about halfway to this right now.  I took a pic and then couldn't find the thingie  that allows me to load it onto the computer.  I have a fever, (99.6), and whacked my hand on the drawer looking for the camera thingie which sent my stomach into a spiral and left me whimpering. I gave up on hunting up the thingie, as a result, you get Mom's hand and are asked to use your imagination.

I am a natural born drama queen so everyone takes my suffering with a grain of salt in my household.  When I came into the house, whining and drama full on, J took one look and asked, "Why would you stick your hand in the middle of a cat fight?"  Men can be so moronic at these times.  I'm not looking for common sense; I'm looking for the poor baby treatment.  I'm looking for the, "Oh you noble woman who spared Greyfur from an epic butt kicking," treatment.  Of course I didn't get it, then again I never do, but I keep trying.

So here I am on day two, (and three), using peroxide to open the wounds and drain the pus and two fingered typing and now...  Now, that I am all red, green and pouffy, now I am getting sympathy.  Well it's about time.  So all I can say on how to break up a cat fight:  Use a garden hose, or a broom, just not your hand.


  1. I hope you hand gets better and you know a cat have to do what a cat have to do!

  2. Lol, yes they do! Skippy and I are back to talking again so I guess all is well.

  3. First, I love you already because I am a Drama Queen. I am also a hypochondriac and it is a vicious combination.
    My cat got in between a cat fight a couple of months back. Within minutes (blood running down my face and arms) I was convinced my cat had rabies and was going to be put down and I was going to have to go through weeks of agonizing shots. When I chilled about that I thought I now had cat scratch fever. Woe is me! Do you think anyone cared? I little with the blood but no, I was ignored.
    Next time you have a dire situation where you are needing acceptance and reassurance please post and I will give you all the poor baby treatment I can dish out.