Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Did I mention?

Did I mention that my son is getting married in September?  I have to get a dress and apparently it has to be a short one.  The mother of the bride and the bride's maids all are wearing knee length dresses.  This sort of bums me out because I would LOVE to wear a long dress.  I would love to wear this four thousand dollar navy blue dress, (let's all laugh at that one).

In case you didn't know I'm 4 feet 9 and 1/4 inches tall, (the exact same height as my very Cajun grandmother thank you very much).  There is no such thing as running out and buying a dress when you are my size, which is roughly blueberry because I'm about as tall and round as one, (I gain weight in my stomach and lose it in my boobs.)  So I try things on whenever I'm in a store on the off chance that inspector number 8 missed the fact that cutter number 12 went too short on a pattern on any given day.  And yeah that does happen.

The other day I was in Goodwill and on a whim went through the formal dresses rack.  Holy cow I found a royal blue long dress that if I lost 20 pounds would look fantastic on me.  Now for the even more amazing part, the thing fit from my neck to my waist, (usually there is this big lump of material because everything is six inches longer), and now for the miracle...  I cost me five dollars!!  FIVE FREAKING DOLLARS!!

I'm going to have to cut it short, but I'm going to make that adorable little jacket you see on the dress above, (my bingo wings need some sort of sleeve), and I'm going to bead the heck out of it.  Now I've really gotta work on the weight loss, but guess what?  I've got that covered too.  I've signed up for a zombie run run in June, (I'll be the zombie of course.)

So between my Wizarding World of Harry Potter visits, (Did I mention I got season tickets as the most AWESOME Christmas gift ever?  No?  Well I'll have to do another post on that because we've already been three times this year!), and my zombie run I should lose some weight right?


  1. No wait, stop...three times already to Harry Potter? I am beside myself with jealousy! AND that dress is gorgeous. AND you need to talk to my sister about the zombie runs; they always sound highly motivating but I tend to have panic attacks when I think of things chasing me. AND why is it that all of us vertically challenged girls always measure our height to the 'nth degree (btw I happen to be 5'1 and 2/3 of an inch so I win!) ;-)

  2. The dress is fabulous and the price was really right!
    Congratulations on being the mother of the groom!

  3. I have the big tummy/small boobs thing going on too. My other problem is my rib cage is large so it is really hard to find clothes that fit.

    You must post pictures of your dress before and after! I love that you got such a good deal on it. Yahoooo!