Sunday, August 14, 2011

Feeling Homesick

(Warning I'm whining and complaining here.  Sorry no pics either, maybe I'll add them later.)  I've been up at my sister's house for over a month now and while I love visiting her, there is usually a turning point where I begin to miss home.  I don't just mean my house, bed, husband, friends, etc.  I mean I miss going to the store and being called, "baby," by the lady at the register.  I miss hearing a roomful of  yats, yat, when I walk into a restaurant.  I want to stand in a line and chat with people I don't know in a way that has non New Orleanians wondering how all these people know one another.  I miss the crazy people.  I've only seen one guy talking to himself while making wild gestures since I've been here.  There is no under current, no vibe, no rhythm, no soul here.  My energy is off kilter.

I'm going to need a big dose of NOLA funk when I get home.  I'm gonna hit Rocky's, head for my bar in the Quarter and people watch, I'm going to hit a music club where the musicians share a piece of their soul with their audience.  I'm heading to my friends' houses and having a cup of coffee and gossip ya ya style.  Most importantly, I'm heading over to see my mom-n-dem, (see yat dictionary), and am hoping to get some stewed okra out of the deal.  Sigh, in just under a week and I'll be back home and missing my sister and thinking how good I had it up here.  : P


  1. Crazy people, people that talk to us, great food and music are more than enough reasons to miss any city and if the city happens to be New Orleans even more reason to be a bit cranky when you are far from it!

  2. Ya, you rite! There's NOLA place like home.