Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saying Good Bye to Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints

     Say what you want about Reggie Bush, he's always injured, he isn't all that, and then there is that whole NCAA thing, but he will always have a special place in my heart.  Reggie was there for us after Katrina.  He and the rest of the boys gave us something to live for back in 2006.

     I'll never forget the night when we realized the Saints were heading to the play-offs.  There we were in that FEMA trailer feeling like we'd never dig ourselves out of the seemingly endless debris and the boys made it into the playoffs.  The whole group of us jumped off the sofa and the next thing we knew there wasn't a dry eye in the trailer.  We all felt stupid hugging and boo hooing all over the place until someone went online and saw that people posting had fessed up that they had cried too.

     The entire region was still living in debris, mold, dirt and filth;  our boys were a shining beacon of hope.  Reggie Bush was one of those guys on the team.  Thank you Reggie.  Thank you for sticking with us at a time when there was no city left to play in, no Super Dome, and nothing left but a bunch of depressed and angry people.  You and the rest of those guys are heroes in our eyes and nothing will tarnish that.  Best wishes wherever you go; you will be missed.

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