Thursday, July 7, 2011


I've started several posts in the past week, but I've been so busy I have yet to finish a one of them.  Just a basic run down...  We spent the fourth in Vicksburg.  I've been prepping to head off to Virginia for a few weeks.  And now J's big brother is in the hospital and it doesn't look good as of today.  I've put my VA trip off once already and now it looks like I'm putting it off again, (I wonder how many times Amtrack is going to let me push back the dates).

J's big bro has a raging infection and is not responding to the antibiotics.  He's intabated because he stopped breathing on his own this morning.  The guy is forty-nine years old, so I'm going to be a Pollyanna and figure he's going to take a turn for the better tomorrow.  It's like I told J, the odds are in favor of a otherwise healthy forty-nine year old to pull through this.  I'm hoping so anyways...

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  1. Jude, I hope J's bother gets better soon!
    Have a lovely weekend and wishes of health and healing to you and your love ones.