Saturday, July 16, 2011

Little Trip to Vicksburg For the 4th

     After a month or more of stress, we decided to take a little weekend trip to Vicksburg for the fourth.  I don't know what I thought I was going to see, but if you had told me the place was going to be like driving about in the mountains or San Francisco, I would have thought you were crazy.  I hate feeling like the car is going to fall backwards or go over the edge, so I spent the weekend clinging to what I like to call (pardon the language) the, "Oh shit bar."
I so did not expect Vicksburg to be so high up!

J wanted this pic because he thought it had
that traveling gambler look.
     We love anything cheesy so we dove right in starting with the hotel.  It was a throwback to 1978, and was probably the thing in its day, what with the attached bar and restaurant.  We were given poker chips to use to get breakfast and tickets to get free drinks in the lobby.  The restaurant was great, the food was good and the cheesy organ music brought me back to the old A&G Cafeteria days.  We were the youngest couple in the room; awesome.  Night two led us to explore the joys of a hotel/sports/karaoke bar.  We spent the night predicting what genre music each person was going to pick and hung out with a nice local couple who could both sing like pros.  Apparently the place is a draw for many native Vicksburgites.

The USS Cairo was salvaged out of the river.

Cool old bridge overgrown with weeds.
     We toured the museums went through a few antique shops, and of course toured the battlefield, (where the Union Army fired cannon at our car EEK).  I'm not sure which was my favorite, the USS Cairo ironclad or the Old Courthouse Museum.  I'll say the Old Courthouse did have a huge fat black and white cat so that probably tips it over for me.  I purchased a couple of books on the Vicksburg siege; I was fascinated with how the citizens of Vicksburg lived for forty-seven days in caves.


  1. Vacations always had their ups and down but is always nice to try something new and dress for the occassion.

  2. You know the downs make for really good stories when you get back home. : )