Thursday, September 15, 2011

What I've been up to for the past few weeks...

A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

 Snowball season will soon be over so I'm hittiin' the stands while I can.  (This was Al Copeland's donut stand waaaay back in the day.  He was 18 when he owned this building and was actually testing his future Popeye's recipe on customers.  (I know this because J's family, being loyal customers, were offered free chicken as a taste test.)

Second Harvest: Harvest the Music concert Big Sam's Funky Nation
 I hate, hate, to see anyone go hungry.  Be it cat or man, I'm happy to feed them all and if it takes having to sit through Big Sam's Funky Nation and a couple of beers then all the better.  Second Harvest Food Bank

Cajun kitchen.
We took a quick trip to Cajun country to show the niece a bit of her grandmother's culture and visited LARC's Acadian Village.  There was a reenactor in each house and we had such a good time we swore we were going back and taking grandma with us.

Southern Decadence washed out. 
Being a fan of all things costume and recognizing that the local gay community are some of the best costumers in the world, we headed out looking for fabulous and found a washout instead.  : (

Sometimes when you are walking there are places that just cry out, "take my picture!"

Next week... cute shoes, 'cause there is a sale at Dillards.

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