Sunday, February 20, 2011

Damn Raccoons

     I am a costume snob and this year I'm having costume block.  I just can't think of anything with any worthy satire, well actually I did, but Dear Husband said it was anti-Louisiana, and while I'll do pretty much anti anything, I won't do anti-LA or anti-New Orleans.  I do have some standards.  Politicians are always fair game, but no one has done anything to inspire me.  Seeing how it's getting to be that time,  I guess I'll go with my back up idea, it's not satire, but it's not bad either.  I doubt it will be on the news though.

     Last night I started on the costume.  I measured, I sketched, I cut screen.  I researched paper mache, tore up newspaper, cooked up paste.  I took pictures to show my group how things were progressing.  I fed the mosquitoes, dodged the raccoons who were after the cat food and intermittently hopped around a bit in front of the motion sensor light every few minutes while I stuck paper mache to screen, (the stay on setting refuses to work for me).  When I got done I was covered with mosquito bites and had a nice work out trying to keep the lights on.  None the less, I was pleased with the progress.

     I woke up this morning looking forward to seeing the finished product.  I opened the back door expecting to see dry paper mache ready for a coat of paint and instead saw screen with bits of paper scattered about the patio.  I was/am ticked off and amused.  Those stupid raccoons are fed by almost every other neighbor, they inhale the cat food I leave out for my strays, I leave them scraps in the woods so why they felt the need to eat my paper mache is beyond any reasoning.  The nerve of those ungrateful beasts; the audacity; the chutzpah, (we're Cajun, but my great uncle was Jewish and lived with the family for years so its been incorporated)!  Dear Husband has a buddy who has expressed an interest in hunting those little furry beasts if ever I'd let him, I think it's time those raccoons and I had a talk about straightening up or else.

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