Saturday, February 26, 2011

Parade Day

     Today is parade day; basically I'll be out on the neutral ground with the family, extended family and any friend anyone wants to bring along.  This year the BIL parked his trailer on the route and his sister contributed a portable tent so the kids are going to be corralled in the trailer.  SIL lives on the route so we have a restroom and then of course everyone will bring food or drinks.  BIL will be doing the BBQ as usual.

     We are hoping to see "Elvis" and his family this year, an older gentleman who does his hair like Elvis.  He always sits next to our spot.  Last year "Elvis" didn't come out, and while we never have anything much to say to one another, we did miss not seeing them last year.  This particular parade brings the people who moved away after Katrina back for a visit so it's almost like old times.  Those of us who came back always keep our eyes peeled looking for familiar faces that we haven't seen in a year.

     So today while awesome as in it's a day filled with food, fun and friends, it's also kind of sad.  The gaps along the route where people once were, the one high school band when there used to be three, and a missing "Elvis" are sort of depressing and one of those many reminders that the most important thing we lost in Katrina was our people.  It's a weird feeling looking forwards to an event that both elates and saddens.  You'd think I'd be used to it by now.

EDIT:  Good news!  "Elvis" was in the building, (so to speak)!  Whoo hoo!


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