Sunday, April 3, 2011

Barney the Kidney Stone

     This week's adventure involves a new character in my life; Barney.  Barney made himself known Friday, (today is Sunday), afternoon.  Mom called me and told me she felt, "terrible."  "Do I need to come up there?"  "I don't know.  No I don't think so, but I'll call you if it gets worse."  Mom never calls for me to come up for an illness.  Chores?  Yeah.  But she never calls for an illness.  She would rather die on the floor of the bathroom than to have me come rushing up forty miles to sit with her over the flu.

     I didn't hear from her and so Saturday we, (hubby and I), went out to eat and have a drive to look at the construction on the new supposedly vastly improved levee.  Hardly what anyone else would call romantic, but then again how many people go panning for gold and digging in the dirt for their vacation?  Anyways, on our way home Mom calls and says it's worse.  So forty miles later I find myself sitting in the emergency room with crying toddlers, some woman who looks like she had a run in with about 200 wasps, and a guy covered in blood, (skinned elbows from motorcycle accident I'm guessing).

     We were there six hours, but after the usual, "don't go into the light," stuff...  Oh the nurse said she remembered us from the last time we were there.  We never used that emergency room before.  I know why she thinks she remembers us.  My aunt was there about a month before, and knowing my cousins like I do, I would bet money they behaved the same.  It runs in the family.  Okay, so it was announced that Mom was trying to birth a 5.5mm kidney stone.  Mom named him Barney Rubble.  Where do you think I got all my foolishness from?

     So now I'm staying with Mom, while Hubby has to tough it out alone.  I get up this morning after a lovely night on the sofa and ask how she's feeling.  Oh she's feeling fine, great, awesome.  I inform her that isn't good and that the doctor said that when she feels bad it means the thing is moving and we want moving.  All day she's had water to the point that I think I hear her sloshing as she heads to the kitchen and still she feels great.  Urologist here we come.  Sigh.

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