Sunday, April 17, 2011


     I like quirky, and I like tradition, and I like modern so you can imagine my home should be a hot mess.  The thing is, it's not.  It's quite boring and I've lately gotten the urge to amp it up a bit.  I'm looking about the room and I realize I've lost myself along the way.  The decor here is nothing but suburban.  Well to be fair, I've made choices that I'm quite pleased with, the brick paver floor in the kitchen with the sewer cover set in the center, the barrel ceiling in the hallway, the arches I built and installed in the yet unfinished bath...  But somehow I feel like I've fallen flat and failed in many ways.  The living room is just so Rooms to Go, (as well as unfinished).  I'm not knocking RTG, I just don't want that for me.

Enui & Ugly
     So lately I've been inspired and as usual DH is either going to love it or hate it.  It can't be any worse that the time he came home to find I had torn out the kitchen counter, painted the kitchen K&B purple and apple green and hung those awesome chili pepper lights with leopard print curtains.  My BIL would have gone into a rage with my SIL if she had done that, but my guy took it in stride, choked and stammered a bit and then asked when we could expect to have kitchen counters again.  I need that vibe again.  So I'm gonna begin with the bar stools.

Uncle Hebrard 
     We started out as usual not agreeing on anything.  He wants something that Henry VIII would have commissioned or that would belong on a pirate ship.  I wanted lucite.  We purchased $20 wooden stools in the end because we weren't going to agree and it had been three years without a bar stool to sit at the kitchen counter.  I'm sanding those suckers down and painting them with some kind of pattern.  Uncle Hebrard, the gator statue named after Mama's nanny's husband, (here a nanny is your Godmother, not your grandma, a Mimi is your grandma), needs something with a bit more soul to pair with.  I might even slip in some glitter, then again, I can, do, and have gone too far.  Lord of the Rings meets the Hall of Mirrors was awesome, but putting tons of mirrors in the bathroom is not for the faint of heart.  It takes a lot of self esteem for an overweight short woman to get in and out of a tub surrounded by mirrors without cringing.  That's okay for I have learned and the Harry Potter meets French Quarter mansion bathroom is going quite well.  Let's just say that the Mirror of Erised will be strategically placed.

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