Monday, May 2, 2011

Looking Back and Catching Up

Not happy with the brown on the
unfinished bar stool.
(The white is the primer; it wont stay there.)
     Lately I seem to be constantly catching up.  Perhaps it's because I've been busy focusing on dealing with Mom's cancer or the emergency room visit with the kidney stone, or the many DIY projects J and I have going on.  Looking around the living room, I see an unfinished fireplace, the crown moulding that needs to come down and be reworked, (not happy with one of the corners), the three sections of baseboard that needs to go up, the pictures that still need to be hung, the unfinished bar stools, the unfinished curtains, the fabric draped over the sofa that was supposed to be a sofa cover...

Gumbo wasn't thrilled with the change.
     We purchased the lot next door a few days ago, via the, "The Lot Next Door," program.  The thing is it wasn't a lot next door six years ago.  It was the family next door.  They had names, faces and for twelve years they were the people who we stood over the fence having chats, comparing yard improvements, complaining about the mosquitoes, sharing plant cuttings and giving and getting advice over just about everything.  We were elated to buy the lot next door, but when we took down the fence I felt sad.  It was the last symbol of all things familiar before Katrina.  The one thing we hadn't changed from before the storm and the signal of more DIY projects to come.

     As I sit here typing, I keep glancing out of the back door thinking I need to get started on some of the many things that need to get done.  I guess I could get up and finish hammering the mortar off those bricks and feel like something got finished and instead of feeling a bit blue over what was and start doing something productive.  Besides moving ugly brick piled up on the patio would make a difference.  It sure would be nice to know if someone else is feeling overwhelmed with too many unfinished projects.


  1. Lovely post!
    It's nice to read about your life and struggles and realized how much most of us have in common.