Friday, May 13, 2011

Mississippi (River) On My Mind

     I started to go all Benny Grunch, (the local musician who wrote the famous, "Ain't No Place To Pee On Mardi Gras Day), and switch up Ray Charles' lyrics to Georgia, but for the sake of us all I changed my mind.  Instead I'll just leave it at I've got the Mississippi (River) on my mind.  I was out taking pictures yesterday at the Moon Walk, (yes I saw the seepage and it was reported by me and about a hundred other people standing there going, "Oh my GAWD!"  I'm going to let the pictures do the rest of the talking today.

This is the St. Claude Bridge on the river side.
You can't see the bottom of the bridge for the water.

The grey you see just past the couple on the levee is not pavement, it is the river.
I'm standing on what is just a bit higher than normal street level and the river is over my head.

From the top of the levee.   Only a few more feet to go and the crest isn't until the 23rd.

They've just announced they are going to open the Morganza Spillway.  I feel no relief; I feel awful; I feel like crying.  Those poor, poor people.


  1. All we can do is try to donate to the organizations that are there helping the locals.