Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nothing Like a Loud Meowie Cat

Three things to know before reading this post:  1. Taking cats to the vet is a physical activity that will wear you out.  2.  I have a loud cat named, Squeeky, that demands to be served a cup of warm water when I am in the bath. 3.  Mom brings her cats to me so that I can take them to the vet for her.

     "I'm just calling you to tell that if you get a phone call from First Alert or Acadian Ambulance, Mom is fine." I told my big sister last Saturday.  "What?!"she asked.  "Mom accidentally hit her alarm button when loading the cats in the car and drove off so when they called to check on her she didn't answer and so they called for an Ambulance."  "She's okay?"  "Yeah, she's great, but I'm not; that 'bout gave me a heart attack and I think the guy at First Alert thought I was drowning the cat."  Naturally I had to explain.

     When First Alert called I was in the bathroom running the water for a quick shower with Squeeky underneath my feet loudly demanding her cup of warm water.  Mom had just called ten minutes before to tell me that she had to chase the cat out from under the bed and needed a few moments to catch her breath and then would leave to meet me with the cats.  The conversation went like this...

    "Hello, is this Jude?"  "MEOW!  MEOW!"  "Yes this is she."  MEOW!  WEEOOWWW!  MEOW!  "This is First Alert, we want, "WEEEOOOWWW!" to inform you that, "MEOW!  MEOW!" your mother hit her emergency call button and we have gotten, "WOOWWW!" no response when we've tried to contact her; "WEEOOWW!  WEEOOWW!" we have called for an, "MEOW!  MEOW!" ambulance, "WEEEEEEOOOOWW," and they are on their way."  

Squeeky and her cup.  Seriously, it's her cup;
you don't think we want to share a cup with a cat do you?
         So I recall the panting and gasping when on the phone with Mom and begin to freak out thinking that Mom has had a heart attack.  I told the guy that I would call her cell and then call him back.  Mom answered the phone and was just fine.  I called First Alert back and had them cancel the ambulance; the whole time bathwater is running and the cat is yowling for everything she's worth.  I was so nervous I didn't think to shut off the water or to put the cat out.  I came out the bath, I met J in the hallway, "What on Earth are you and Squeeky doing in there?!"he demanded.  When I told him what had happened and that the stupid cat wouldn't shut up, he killed himself laughing saying that the operator must have thought I was trying to drown the cat.


  1. Jude, I thought only kids give you such a hard time to go to the doctor not to mention the First Alert mess. What a day!!!!

  2. Lol, I'd rather take a kid to the doctor than a cat.

  3. Lol, that silly cat! I have a cat who is very chatty, but not like that. I had a very yowly cat (he died last year) who would wake us up at 3am every night - I think he was a bit senile.

    Thank you so much for posting on my blog, Jude, I really appreciate it.


  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss Sheila. You are so welcome, I enjoy reading your blog and am a Sheila and Inigo fan! : )