Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Dream Closet Bittersweet Milestone

     Oops, it's been a while since I've hit this blog.  In my defense I have been busy.  I took this past week and am just about finished with my, "The Dream Closet."  I could have waited and posted a picture where it is all nice and neat with those clear plastic boxes which are part of the final phase of, "The Dream Closet."  I could have waited until I put in the baseboards, or tidied up the shoes and clothes, or put that one hanger right, or put away the drill, but I couldn't.  Anyways, this is a much more realistic rendition of the average Joe's closet isn't it?  (Just say yes and go along with it to make me happy.)

It looks a mess now, but when I get done...  Oh, who am I kidding? 
     We have a little house and before Katrina the closet was a little 4x2 ft. pain in the neck.  The closet extended two feet beyond the door so I had to reach blindly for my clothes.  We went from a 3 bedroom to a two bedroom just to have, "The Dream Closet."  She's a 6x9 footer and I love her.  She is my reward for living in a FEMA trailer without one single closet for roughly two and a half years, (Oh that's a sordid tale of waiting on flood maps, SBA, and a group of sorry ass contractors, but I'm focusing on the closet goodness here).

     It was not cheap; I've been buying components here and there since 2008.  It was not easy.  I purchased shelf hangers from a different company because they were on clearance sale for less than half the price of these people, $3 versus $8.  Going cheap meant extra work.  I had to cut down 26 shelf hangers and six rods.  All were metal and all were cut by hand with a hacksaw.  I wouldn't be surprised if my right bicep is a couple of inches larger than my left after this week.  This installation is not for those who haven't learned that no corner is truly square, that no floor is level, and that the quickest solution isn't always the best solution, although whacking something with a hammer is still the best solution.  Sometimes.  

     Whew.  That makes this two rooms and one closet, (almost), completely done.  It kind of makes me sad for now I've got something to lose, whereas before I had one partial closet system and an unfinished closet.  I'm just one hurricane away.  Sigh, I'm not going there; this is supposed to be a good thing, right?  Right.  I'm gonna have some pie to celebrate.

One year ago today Paw, (my FIL), passed away.  Perhaps that's why I'm feeling wonky.  I miss Paw.  Once at one of our many doctor visits the nurse said to Paw, "It's nice that you and your daughter are so close."  I was shocked because I didn't think we came across as being, "close."  Paw and I looked at one another and he turned to the nurse and said, "yup."  I miss Paw.  I miss Paw.  I miss Paw.

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