Monday, December 5, 2011

Louisiana Renaissance Festival 2011

Hip Hip Huzzah we had magical lights, powered by magic of course.
     I admit that I fall somewhere between being a nerd and a geek and so I do nerd/geek related things such as participate in the tomfoolery known as ren faire.  In case you didn't know, I love to be in costume/garb and I love history, so ren faire is a natural fit.

     This weekend we loaded up the tent and headed out for our annual ren faire camping trip.  We didn't have time to do the big Texas Renaissance Festival, (TRF), camping thing, so we tried out the Louisiana Renaissance Festival, (LRF), campground instead.

Great garb.  In ren world it's called garb not costume.  When you camp at ren faire,
you will see women and men working on their garb, sewing boxes sitting at their feet. 

Hand to hand combat is my favorite;
 these guys put a lot of work into learning and perfecting their fencing technique.

Everyone eventually heads for  the jousting; it's a must see at faire.
     I've been to LRF every year since 2002, but this was my first time camping over night because I'm a "weekender" meaning that I live close enough to go home after closing cannon.  TRF doesn't offer electricity so LRF offered up the opportunity to have fairy lights!  Next year we're doing a fairy camp and I will plan accordingly.  Yup, we will be camping at the home faire again.


  1. I love Ren festivals, anime festivals, book fairs and anything and all things nerd related!
    I enjoyed taking this trip with you.
    Have a great week,

  2. It's good to see pictures of the place. =) I worked at the forge and the joust in 2011 and hope to officially start black smithing as well as sand casting in the coming season. I actually know about eight of the people in your pictures. xD I must say, LARF is a second home to me and many other people.