Tuesday, December 27, 2011

When Doing Your Good Deed Keep This in Mind...

"It is not necessary for eagles to be crows."  Sitting Bull

This year our little yearly adopt-a-family project was expanded and taken over by J's work place.  We didn't mind because that meant that instead of a shift putting in together it was the entire place working together which meant we could put food on the table and gifts under the tree for more than one family.  It was great in theory until someone decided to give themselves a public pat on the back.

I don't know who called the media and I don't want to know.  The damage was done when that picture appeared in the paper.  Two of our families disappeared when it was time to deliver the food and gifts.  No one wants their poverty splayed across the front of the paper for all to see.  Now those kids have to go back to school and face their classmates taunts.  

Needless to say I am livid.  When you go about bragging, going on and on to your friends about your charity work, when you want the world to know you are helping out those poor people on the wrong side of the tracks, you are taking away the dignity of those you are helping.  So when doing your good deed keep this in mind: it isn't about you.  

Merry Belated Christmas : )

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