Friday, May 11, 2012

Rest in Peace Maw-Maw

A few days ago one of the nurses told us that sometimes people don't want anyone in the room when they pass.  I thought that this would be a very Maw-Maw thing to do.  She was a very private person and always told her children that she didn't want any fuss or any ceremony when she died.  Sis #3 joked that Maw had better go when she stepped out to the bathroom because she didn't intend to leave.  We had to laugh, (yeah sick and twisted), because Maw-Maw passed away while Sis #3 went to the bathroom.

Yup, that was a very Maw-Maw thing to do.  I pray that she is in a peaceful place with no pain.  We love you Maw-Maw.

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