Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Holding on.

Things have been really rushed and really stressful.  My hands shake and my left eye has that irritating twitchy tick thing from time to time, but I'm hanging in there.  The memorial for Maw, oh Lord that could be two whole posts, is over, but we have to wait for her ashes before we can put her in with Paw.  I haven't been trying much on the whole weight loss thing but then again I haven't been eating much.  So here we are...

Exercise:  Hardly any, but I have been doing Sheila's push-ups.
Water:  4-6 glasses a day
Food:  A steady diet of Popeye's red beans, Wendy's baked potatoes, and Munchies burritos.
Confession:  See above.
Congratulations:  I'm doing those little push-ups.
Weight loss this week: none
Current weight: 142.5
Dream weight: 115

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