Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Stress

We continue to take turns sitting with Maw-Maw; which means I am eating fast food.  I think it's the stress that is suppressing my appetite because I have no other explanation for this week's weight loss.  My nerves are horrible and every time the phone rings we jump.  Ha perhaps it's the exercise we are getting when we jump?  I am doing Sheila's pee-pee push-ups when I remember and the other day I felt it in my pecks when I did a yawn/stretch thing.  Ouch.  So here's the breakdown...

Exercise:  Pee-Pee push-ups.

Water:  I've slacked off a bit and notice a difference because I feel dry in the morning, but I am doing at least four glasses a day.
Food:  I haven't been keeping track of my calories on Spark People, and it's been 97% fast food.
Confession:  I really don't have one other than it's been all fast food.
Congratulations:  I really don't have any temptation I've resisted.
Weight loss: 6.5
Current weight: 142.5
Dream weight: 115 (Which is still 10 lbs more than what the charts say I should weigh)

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