Sunday, June 10, 2012

Two Weeks of Weight Loss: I'm baaaacckkk.

This is the "Before I Die Wall.  Guess which one is mine. : )

The past two weeks have been depressing, (we have many worries right now), and as usual busy.  Mom is looking at buying a house.  We put in a bid and are crossing our fingers.  This means that I've been up at her house and without the Internet.  Well I could have gone to a coffee shop or to the library, but by the time we were done going through some very dirty houses in 90 something degree weather, I didn't want to get back in the car.  Anyways I have good news on my weight loss project...

Exercise:  I've been doing those pee push-ups (idea from Sheila) and while I'm pleased with the tone I'm getting in my biceps I find my triceps flabby and so I alternate from doing push-ups on the counter to working the triceps on a chair.   I am pleased with the bicep progress and find that this fits my style better than standing in front of the TV doing a workout.  
Water:  I've fallen off the wagon and need to get back on.  I am down to four pints of water a day, (and for the past three days I didn't drink any water, bad me.)
Food:  I am working on portion control.  I am cutting my food in half and am trying to eat slowly, which is annoying J because he is a fast eater.  I make an effort not to eat until I feel stuffed, but until I feel full.  Yesterday I think I under did it at lunch because I stuffed my face with chips and candy last night.
Confession:  I stuffed my face with chips and candy last night.
Congratulations:  I feel like I am eating less and trying to be more consistent with my meals and choices.
Weight loss since the last post: 3.5 lbs!
Current weight: 140.5 (Oh my gosh my skinny jeans are feeling loose!!)
Dream weight: 115

Two weeks ago I was feeling so upset with myself for back tracking.  Today I am celebrating almost hitting getting out of the 140s.  Not sure I'm liking how my weight loss is affecting my mood.  We're going through some hard times right now and I don't need a little backslide in this little project to upset me.  J is a great guy and has loved me thick or thin, and I don't want to add to his stress with mood swings over weight issues.  I sometimes think of him as Saint J, but then he doesn't close the microwave door, or leaves his dirty socks in the middle of the floor and I remember he's just as male as the rest of them.

(Answer: Before I die I want to: write on this wall.  All the good ones were taken:  Become a Jedi, get my letter from Hogwarts, survive WWZ, win the Powerball, have fun storming the castle ...  My wants are simple

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