Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: How to gauge just how out of shape you really are...

The scale and my pants say I'm lighter, but the camera still says, "wow look at those ham hock arms."

There was an incident the other day where I chased down a receipt for someone in the local "mart" parking lot.  It's been a really mild 90 degrees and breezy this week so that receipt went flying.   I found myself running across a several rows of cars before I caught the thing.  I was gasping for air,  saw a few stars, and am fairly certain I was beet red when I handed over the receipt.  I got into the car with Sis #2 who was laughing at my condition and I turned to her and reminded her that she is going to look the same when we run with the bulls in July.  

Actually you don't really run, this is New Orleans and it will be July, and frankly no one here has any desire to move quickly for anything.  It's more of a jog/walk/panicked run thing.  It goes like this: You line up in a big crowd of other "runners" they start you off and you jog a bit from the pure adrenalin and then you run into someone you know and slow into a walk and have a little catch up convo and then people from behind get louder and run past you shouting, "Oh my GAWD here comes a bull, (roller derby girl with a plastic bat), RUN!"  And then when someone gets hit and the "bull" moves on everyone settles down and walks again.  See jog/walk/run.  Anyways they've extended the route because the thing has gotten bigger, (I hate it when word gets out on these little festivals) and now after the "mart" run I figure it couldn't hurt to hit that orbital machine again.  Right?  

Exercise:  Okay once this week in the pool @ mom's condo.  
Water:  abt. 4 glasses a day, (on a good day)
Food:  Still trying to opt for more veggies, smaller portions, and less sauce.  Oh the horror less sauce!
Confession:  Mom is feeling anxious over buying a house, I'm still worrying over, well a huge worry that J doesn't want me to discuss, and Sis #2 is just flat out depressed so we purchased three different cakes, sat down and watched the entire first season of Downton Abby and Abraham Lincoln Zombie Hunter while finishing off all three cakes.
Congratulations: Cousin's DH gave us some trout he caught  a couple of weeks ago and so we've been eating fish, which is good for you.
Weight loss: I think this makes 10 lbs in total, but I don't remember what my starting weight.  It was either 151 or 149.  I'm going to have to look that one up.
Current weight: 141!  Yay.
Dream weight: 115


  1. But look at those sexy shapely legs! The running with the bulls sounds like a hoot!

  2. OK, that Running of the Bulls is not on my Bucket List!

  3. Lol Birdie, actually it's pretty cool. There are people who hand off drinks to the runners. My favorite was the year a little group of people took it upon themselves to set up a bar on the sidewalk and handed out mimosas to all the runners. (I will say when those girls swing that bat at your rear end, you will feel it for the rest of the day.) Since then it's gotten bigger to the point where they've extended the route, ick.