Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Meh, I'm over it.

Well this week finds me once again with a bit of a weight gain and you know what?  I don't care.  Okay well, I care, but I'm not prostrate with grief over it.  Perhaps it's because we are wringing our hands over so many things right now.  Keep your fingers crossed or send us a little prayer.  J is having problems and we haven't heard a thing from our bid on what we hope to be mom's new house. We are still grieving over Maw Maw, the kitchen faucet leaked all over the floor and damaged the cabinet underneath, but it could be worse and I've been trying to follow Dumbledore's words of wisdom.  So here's the run down...

Exercise:  Just those pee pushups by Sheila
Water:  Doing better, still not up to 8 a day.
Food:  Okay, keeping an eye on the portions.
Confession:  I had an Elmer's heavenly hash two nights in a row.
Congratulations: I'm working on the fireplace and am burning extra calories.
Weight loss: none gained 1.5 pounds
Current weight: 142
Dream weight: 115

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