Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hurricane Isaac: Aftermath

Well Isaac has passed and we are all fine.  Couldn't ask for a better outcome, however it wasn't a good outcome for some of us.  We've been friends with this family for about 20 years, their son and our son were friends since they were six.  Well their boy, R and his wife K, lost their home in Braithwaite.  Sucks.


  1. You haven't posted in a while, I hope everything is OK???

  2. Hi Jude, I hope that you are doing fine and that 2013 brings you, your family and all of your friends: health, prosperity and time together.
    I'm finally back blogging and I want to take the time to check on you and thank you for all of your comments and for checked on me when I was not blogging.
    With Love, Ofelia