Monday, January 21, 2013

Blog Vacation

Wow it's been a good long while since I've touched this blog!  Sorry 'bout that, but I stalled out.  It's a new year and well I think I want to start this little blog up again.  I was struggling with trying to keep up with the thing and between trying to marathon finish mom's new home and put her condo up for sale I damaged my right hand.  Apparently if one has carpal tunnel she should not use the palm sander for more than eight hours straight.  The doctor put me on three different steroids which made me angry, no really, I turn into a monster on those things, and get really hungry.  Good bye weight loss and hello permanently numb index finger and thumb.

Anywhoo I lost the will to blog.  I felt like I had to blog with the whole weight loss thing and honestly it became a chore.  I hear that one should pick a direction for a blog and stick with it, well I can't do that and I'm not going to try to do it any longer.  This isn't a blog for weight loss or fashion or how to raise children, this is a blog just because I want to write stuff.  So here I am back to where I started, just writing stuff.  Stuff.  (Ha!)   : )


  1. Hi Jude, you should blog about everything that you want to; its your blog!
    I understand about taking breaks and not feeling like writing because real life is more complicate than our internet lives will ever be.
    I hope that your hand gets better and that you resume your weight loss efforts.
    Hugs, Ofelia

  2. Thanks for the support y'all. It's 6:52 AM and I'm making the effort to put in another post!