Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Dog Days of January

     Um, well despite me saying I was going to do a post last Sunday, things started happening not two minutes later which led to me abandoning my computer and heading to the French Quarter.  Who could turn down a free breakfast at Cafe du Monde and a dog parade?  When I found out our dog nephew, Bacon, was going to be in the 2013 Barkus parade I just had to go.  We were so proud of Bacon who was looking so lovely in his tutu and float.  Please note that the pic is not of Bacon because J has Bacon's pics in his phone and I haven't gotten them on my computer yet.  We were also very proud of Sis #3's sis-in-law, H. who was just as wonderfully loud and celebratory as can be!

     It's been a somewhat mild winter although it's gotten cold enough for our little crepe myrtle alley to have lost all it's leaves...

     but, the hibiscus says it's ready for spring.

     I'm not ready for spring.  Really it's so nice with the highs in the 60s and 70s, (actually I prefer the highs in the 70s please.), that I dread all that heat and humidity and the electric bill that goes along with it. 

     We've got something in the works for the Superbowl this weekend.  I suspect Roger Goodell won't like it. 


  1. Hi Jude, I'm so glad that you are back blogging as well and enjoying pretty hibiscus and great weather!

  2. A dog parade! I would go to that.

    However, I am really looking forward to Spring!