Tuesday, February 5, 2013

When cat people have to care for a dog.

     Our dear neighbor Miss J. has had an attack of appendicitis and has to have surgery.  We have been charged with the care of her dog Sadie.  The only problem is that we are cat people.  I know you have to let dogs out to go make poop, but how do you know when they need to go out?  How often do they need to go out?  These are questions that we just can't answer.  So far we've cleaned up one poop mess.  So we decided to let the dog out for a couple of hours to ensure no further poop mess.  When we went next door to let her back in, we found this:

Sadie getting an unwanted bath.
Sigh.  I don't know how dog people do this dog thing.


  1. Ha ha! This reminds me of the movie Uncle Buck.

    Buck Russell: How many times a day do you feed a dog like that?

    Cindy Russell: How many times a day do you think he eats?

    Buck: Four or five.

    Cindy: I should have told you that. He eats once a day.

    Buck: Just once?

    Buck: What does he like to drink? Water?

    Cindy: Yes,he drinks water. I would keep water out.

    Buck: I've been leaving the toilet seats up. Yeah. The blue water's not good for him?

    1. I love dogs more than cats but what I love the most is people that takes good care of both of them because not matter which one you like more they need our love and support.
      I can't have either one because my kids and I are super allergic to both dogs and cats.

  2. I'm a cat person too, but when I looked after my aunts dog I had to walk her 3 X a day plus let her out before bed. Usually dogs will go to the door to let you know they need out, but if they dint do that I'm not sure how else to tell!