Saturday, February 23, 2013

So half of your face is paralyzed...

     Okay so this is me, I blurred out my eyes in the hopes that no one recognizes me.  Pardon the hair it was windy.  Look at the crooked nose and stupid leer.  This is my attempt at smiling.  The nice part is that I have no wrinkles on the right side of my forehead.  I can now twitch the corner of my mouth, and weakly close my eye, but my lips and eyebrow still won't move.  Oh and did I mention I can barely taste my food?
     I notice I'm getting that extra polite look when I have to talk with strangers.  I notice that I'm covering my mouth and nose with my hand when I laugh.  I notice I am not wanting to eat in public.
     I once knew a wonderful woman who was everything kind and caring, who had had a brain tumor.  The operation left her with nerve damage that screwed up her mouth.  She said she would love to have her smile back.  She would pull on the other side of her mouth to try and even it out a bit and would cover her face when she laughed.  I never viewed her as anything but wonderful and I felt that all those cover ups were not necessary.  Now that I am in a similar position, well, I understand better.


  1. Oh Jude, my God, I had no idea of what you are going through and can only send you my love and wishes that you get well and able to smile and talk the way that you used to!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear this! You'll be in my daily prayers.

  3. Aw gee thanks y'all, but it's only temporary, in a few weeks it should be all cleared up! On the one hand it stinks having no facial movement, (although the twitch has officially moved into the partial movement category, yay), and worse yet no sense of taste, but there are so many people who have far worse problems than this. Yeah, it sucks but I'm still walking and talking, and it's temporary so I have to count myself as doing okay and right now I am a constant source of entertainment for the family right now so there is that... : )