Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The week my body went apeshit crazy.

Not much of a costume, and the pic doesn't show the blue hair and bling on the mumu, but it was quick and easy.  
     I had a blast on Mardi Gras.  Too much of a blast.  It seems that my legs aren't twenty-something any longer and object to twelve hours of walking and dancing.  To make a long story short I'll just say that for two days I could not bend my knees.  Really.

    Valentines day the dog we've been watching escapes (I was at Mom's house), and began playing that age old idiot dog game of chase me.  There we all were, me, Sis  #1, Sis #2, Nieces #4 & 5, and Mom, running about in the street in our jammies and of course I can't bend my knees.  Sis #1 turns to Sis #2 and says, "there goes Frankenstein."  Okay yeah, so Frankenstein, (me because I can't bend my knees), is out in the middle of the street in cow slippers when a cop shows up to serve papers to one of the neighbors.  Now we've got a cop watching all this go on and he, bless his heart, jumps into the fray.  Sis #2 is in the car driving along side the dog, and I'm doing my best to just walk thinking Miss J. is going to be beside herself if I lose her dog.  Niece #5 caught the dog with bacon and the cop left laughing at either the chase, my walk or the slippers; not sure which.

Fast foreword a few days...

     Life has gotten back into a routine after Mardi Gras and I'm painting a bedroom at the condo when suddenly my eye tears excessively.  I wipe it away and go on with my day.  I get back to Mom's and make kisses at the cat when I notice half my lips don't work.  I check it in the mirror and one half of my lips look skinny and the other half looks swollen.  WTH?  The next day Sis # 2 and I are shopping at Goodwill and laughing over some silly something or another when she starts laughing even harder.  Half of my face isn't working and when I grin, it pulls my nose to the left.  I go look in the mirror and holy Gotham Batman, I look like a stroke patient.

     It took a couple of days, but they managed to talk me into a doctor.  J, bless his heart, has been so good to me.  He has laughed his ass off at my stupid looking face, and we came up with all kinds of different ways to prank people.  I don't want someone getting all serious and worried when I'm like this.  The more inappropriate the better.  I've got Bell's Palsy so pretty much I look like this guy...

     Oh well I'm going to look at it like this, people pay for Botox right?  I have the right side of my face paralysed for free.  BTW the eye patch I have to wear at night, (my eye won't close all the way), will definitely lure in all the local pirates.

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  1. Lots of dancing and then the right side of your face is paralysed??
    I love the fact that you found humor on it!