Monday, September 3, 2012

Hurricane Issac: FINALLY

We came very close to being the most hated people in our neighborhood/ street today.  In case you missed the last post, there is/was a tree down on a power line in our backyard as well as a transformer.  In order to get the power back on they have had to get our permission to enter the property.  Well, not just yes, but hell yes, so they removed the tree.

Today, I'm up in Slidell and J is at work so there is no one home to give permission and of course they want to get at that transformer to start things to working.  They pull up to the house, get out and knock on the door, and of course every neighbor is watching.  Salivating.  Drooling.  You get the picture.  When the guy turns around to leave he is met by my 69 year old neighbor, (Miss J.), who is literally running to stop him from leaving.  I figure she would have thrown herself in front of the truck if she needed to.  Anywhoo, she told the electric guy that J was at work and I was out helping my mom and to make a long story short, she gave him permission to enter our yard.  Thank Gawd!  It could have gone bad and you'd been reading about the little couple who were stoned to death by their neighbors for not being home.

J got home about five minutes after he left and was on the phone telling me about how we still didn't have any lights, when suddenly they came on.  He laughed and told me he could hear all the neighbors screaming for joy.  I'm so tired from trying to get back on schedule for putting this new house back together that it's difficult to put out more than a big grin.  : D

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  1. Wow, well done Miss J! And I'm happy that your neighbors didn't hate you - adding insult to injury is not what you all need right now. And having lights is nice too :)