Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our Little Isaac Adventure: During/After

So we are all sitting here running off a generator and for the past couple of days no phone, (not even cell), no Internet and no cable.  Funny thing is about a half an hour ago niece #4 notices the lights on the router were on and we are all now jumping for the computers.  Oh my gosh I had forgotten how isolated you can feel after a little hurricane.  The power, I'm hoping will come back on up here in a couple of hours.  Now as for my house on the Southshore, well, the levee was over topped in two different areas, one of which was three miles away from my house, but all is well.  Sadly one of my neighbors' sons got 5ft in his house in Braithwaite, (he only had 6 inches for Katrina).   Anywhoo I know this is all disjointed and whatnot, but I'm waiting for the cable to go out, (things tend to go on and off for the first couple of hours sometimes)

Mom's place.

Across the street from Mom's place.

My backyard.  It's gonna be a while before we see electricity.

One very unhappy kitty.

Forgot to shut the cat door.  Everything blew off the counter and the stool went down and of course water.

Buh bye car wash.


  1. I have been thinking about you and glad that you are OK. But I watch the news and there are so many people that have been devastated. It is sad.
    Love to you. xo

  2. Yeah, feeling for those people in Slidell, Laplace and Braithewaite. Been there and done that, looking at everything you've ever worked for sitting on the curb, soaking wet and mildewed just waiting for collection is miserable. Funny thing is y'all probably know more about it than us, all we've had for communication up until last night is the radio and word of mouth.

  3. I'm so glad you're OK. I fell guilty whining about the heat when people get real disaster happening to them. It's great that you're all together. The power much be back (thanks for your comment!)
    I love your backyard, it's so green!

  4. Lol, the backyard is so green because of the downed trees. My poor banana trees were shredded to bits. : (