Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our Little Isaac Adventure: Waiting...

Nothing much to tell.  The electricity went out for about an hour and then came back on.  We lost a small limb off the half of a tree left after Gustav.  The cat went missing.  We found him behind a tote in the closet.  Perhaps it will amp up a bit later on; right now it's just six people, (one very hyperactive child included), a gazillion cats, and we are already annoyed with each other.

Our one casualty.  A moment of silence for the limb please.

A couple of videos, ignore me in the second video, I was on the phone with the boy.


  1. Stay dry. Stay warm. Love on the cats and the boy.

  2. Even though it seems calm in your videos, still it is scary.
    Hope you're all OK. And the poor cat is not traumatized too much :)

  3. Thanks y'all. All are okay, just sweating it out, (come on power), in a 13x30 room with six people. There has only been two death threats issued so we're doing well.

    Well we got wet, (who can stay inside when there is all that wonderful wind and rain to run about and clean out storm drains in), and the warm part isn't a problem, (we wouldn't mind a little cool air right about now), thanks for the love, (cats and boy are fine although I think the cats would like to file a complaint).

    Tanya it was a really mild storm, although that was just the pre-hurricane video, the real wind came later on that night. Even with that, she wasn't a loud storm. It's not the wind that scares me, it's the water, (well that and lightening). ; )